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Retrofitting with CPVC for Your Project in India

To FlowGuard® CPVC pipes

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Introduction to CPVC

CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is a strong, durable plastic material that has been successfully used in plumbing applications around the world for 60 years.

CPVC pipes have distinct advantages over steel pipes, like they are light in weight and corrosion resistance.

CPVC is also more flexible than metal tubing, providing a bit more versatility and can be used in most applications where copper piping is used.

What is Retrofitting?

There are many risks that come with old plumbing systems. Retrofitting is a process of replacing those old plumbing water pipes and structures with new ones.

The concept of retrofitting is simple, replace the old technologies. Once new plumbing systems and new pipe structures are installed in your old building, the water usage and water losses are significantly improved.

Also, the risk of health complications owing to degraded water pipes gets minimized.

Benefits of Retrofitting?


Cost Saving

Retrofitting in the long usage saves cost by increasing the life of your plumbing systems and by reducing water wastage.


Health benefits

Old water pipes can cause serious health complications because of biofilm formation. Replacing it with new pipes seems a plausible solution.


Reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability

Old plumbing pipes require maintenance. Retrofitting helps in reducing the regular maintenance costs and improves the whole plumbing system thus increasing reliability.

Why Use FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Pipes?


Superior water quality

FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Pipes ensures that the quality of your water remains perfect.It is perfectly safe for drinking water.


Chlorine resistant

FlowGuard® Plus CPVC pipes have extra content of chlorine and all the qualities of CPVC is because of it’s high Chlorine content.


Superior water quality

FlowGuard® Plus CPVC pipes are not prone to biofilm formations.Biofilm refers to the bacteria and fungus that gets formed in the interior of water pipes.


Cost-effective and safe installation

FlowGuard® Plus CPVC pipes are light in weight and flexible. These qualities makes them easier to install.



FlowGuard® Plus CPVC pipes have been operational since 1959, giving it the longest, most proven track record among non-metallic plumbing systems.

Where to Buy FlowGuard Plus CPVC

FlowGuard Plus engineers and manufactures its CPVC compound, which our authorized licensees then convert into pipes, fittings, and valves for house piping and plumbing systems for all projects.

To ensure each product meets our high-quality standards, partner CPVC pipe manufacturers are selected based on their proven track record and reliability. They are also required to satisfy our Quality Assurance Program, which requires regular checks for product sizing, performance, and consistency.

If you want to know more about Flow

Guard Plus CPVC pipe price, or want to find a local authorized licensee, our team of support specialists is available.

In case you want to understand why CPVC piping systems are better than UPVC plumbing systems, check out our blog which captures the difference between CPVC vs UPVC in detail.

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