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CPVC Fittings for High-Quality and Efficient Plumbing Systems

Introducing CPVC fittings - the ultimate solution for your plumbing needs! Designed to offer unmatched performance, these CPVC pipe fittings are ideal for both hot and cold-water applications. With outstanding corrosion and chemical resistance, your plumbing system is sure to remain intact even under harsh water conditions. Say goodbye to bacterial worries as CPVC fittings made out of CPVC compound boast lower bacterial growth compared to copper, steel, and other plastics. With these fittings, you can be assured of minimal thermal expansion, reducing pipe expansion during hot water usage. No scale, pit, or leach formation can be expected, ensuring long-lasting durability in aggressive environments. In addition to the aforementioned, these fittings are fire-resistant and boast lower thermal conductivity, minimising heat loss, and insulation requirements.

The Different Types of CPVC Fittings Available for Your Plumbing Systems

Discover the diverse range of CPVC fittings for your plumbing systems. From 45-degree elbow to 90-degree elbow, ball valve to brass elbow, coupler to end cap, MTA to reducer, tank nipple to union, and tee, there is a comprehensive selection of CPVC fittings to meet your needs. Enjoy seamless integration with CPVC pipes and fittings, that ensures reliable performance for both bathroom and water pipe applications, from our authorized licensees. CPVC fittings boast superior quality, making them a trusted choice for plumbing systems. Upgrade your plumbing project with CPVC fittings, the epitome of excellence in CPVC plumbing fittings. CPVC fittings are approved by all major international public health agencies for safe use in potable house piping systems. CPVC Fittings are manufactured in sizes from 1⁄2” to 6”.

CPVC Fittings Sizes and Class of CPVC Fittings Chart

A Comparison of CPVC Fittings to Other Types of Fittings

CPVC fittings shine in comparison to other types of fittings due to their unique attributes. When compared to UPVC, CPVC stands out with its higher temperature and chemical resistance, making it suitable for hot water applications. Compared to PPR, CPVC pipes and fittings offer lower thermal enlargement, minimizing pipe expansion during hot water use. When pitted against other plastics, CPVC exhibits excellent corrosion resistance, ideal for aggressive water conditions. In comparison to PEX, CPVC doesn't suffer from concerns regarding oxygen permeability. Additionally, compared to copper, CPVC is more cost-effective, easier to install, and doesn't corrode. Overall, CPVC fittings, designed to complement CPVC piping, provide a reliable and durable plumbing solution for various applications.

The Application & Advantages of CPVC Fittings

CPVC fittings are made with a high-quality CPVC Compound and offer versatile applications and numerous advantages. With a successful track record spanning over 60 years globally, Lubrizol CPVC fittings, pipes, and solvents have been available in India since 1999 and have been widely used in countless projects. These NSF-certified fittings ensure safe and reliable plumbing systems. Offering the widest range of pipes and fittings from 1⁄2” to 6” and assemblies, Lubrizol CPVC is continuously tested in labs across Europe, the USA, and India, proving its consistent quality. With over 20 years of testing in Indian conditions, it has proven its efficacy. Additionally, Lubrizol provides nationwide support and warranties against manufacturing defects, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions on CPVC Fittings

What are CPVC fittings?

CPVC fittings are plumbing components used with CPVC pipes for various applications. They come in different forms like CPVC bathroom fittings and CPVC water pipe fittings for use in the bathroom and water pipe fittings.

What CPVC fittings sizes are available?
CPVC fittings sizes range from 1⁄2” to 6” and are available in various assemblies for versatile plumbing solutions.
Are PVC and CPVC fittings interchangeable?
No, PVC and CPVC fittings are not interchangeable due to differences in material properties and compatibility.
Do CPVC fittings affect flow rates or water pressure?
CPVC fittings have minimal impact on flow rates and water pressure due to their smooth interior surface.
Are CPVC fittings suitable for both hot and cold-water applications?

Yes, CPVC fittings are suitable for both hot and cold-water applications, offering excellent temperature resistance.

Are CPVC fittings resistant to chlorine?
Yes, CPVC fittings are highly resistant to chlorine, making them ideal for use in chlorinated water systems.