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Beyond Plumbing

The Talk Show brought to you by FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Plumbing Systems

Beyond Plumbing

The Talk Show brought to you by FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Plumbing Systems

Beyond Plumbing

Beyond Plumbing is a series of discussions with industry experts that will address the demands on the industry to thrive, providing expert plumbing solutions and reliable water safety to the population that needs it. We will also hear examples of some of the life changing work that FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Plumbing Systems has carried  out in the field today.

Each episode of Beyond Plumbing will be available to watch below on demand; a new episode will be available every two months.


Together with industry leaders, we will learn more about the best global practices in plumbing and water safety, the latest innovations in fire safety, real life case studies from landmark Indian projects, working practices to ensure better water safety using CPVC, and first hand experience from industry leaders and experts.

Episode 1 - What Plumbing looks like in Smart Cities of the Future

Guest - Mr. Sandip Kumar Roy Choudhury

Episode 2 - Plumbing in Modern Buildings

Guest - Mr. Mukesh Asija

Episode 3 - The Dripping Effect of Climate Change on Water Safety and Accessibility

Guest - Dr. Amit Chaudhari

CPVC Pipes and Fittings for Plumbing Systems

FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Plumbing Systems are the most well-established, non-metallic piping products in the plumbing industry today. Millions of homes and businesses around the world trust our products to deliver clean, safe drinking water. It is the preferred choice of plumbers and distributors across India and beyond.


Modern cities are under more pressure than ever to protect residents, employees and property owners’ assets.


Residential property owners need superior water quality and trusted performance.


Commercial buildings rely on cost effective installation and maintenance.


Hospitals, universities and schools depend on long lasting installations that protect its users by the thousands, every single day.

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