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Beyond Plumbing Episode 1 - Plumbing in Smart Cities of the Future

The Talk Show brought to you by FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Plumbing Systems
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Beyond Plumbing Episode 1 - Plumbing in Smart Cities of the Future

The Talk Show brought to you by FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Plumbing Systems

CPVC Pipes and Fittings for Plumbing Systems

FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Plumbing Systems are the most well-established, non-metallic piping products in the plumbing industry today. Millions of homes and businesses around the world trust our products to deliver clean, safe drinking water. It is the preferred choice of plumbers and distributors across India and beyond.


Modern cities are under more pressure than ever to protect residents, employees and property owners’ assets.


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Beyond Plumbing

Beyond Plumbing is a series of discussions with industry experts that will address the demands on the industry to thrive, providing expert plumbing solutions and reliable water safety to the population that needs it. We will also hear examples of some of the life changing work that FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Plumbing Systems has carried  out in the field today.

Each episode of Beyond Plumbing will be available to watch below on demand; a new episode will be available every two months.

FlowGuard Plus - Beyond Plumbing Talkshow

Together with industry leaders, we will learn more about the best global practices in plumbing and water safety, the latest innovations in fire safety, real life case studies from landmark Indian projects, working practices to ensure better water safety using CPVC, and first hand experience from industry leaders and experts.

Episode 1 - What Plumbing looks like in Smart Cities of the Future

FlowGuard Plus - Beyond Plumbing Guest Speaker - Sandip Kumar Roy Choudhury

Guest - Sandip Kumar Roy Choudhury

Mr. Roy Choudhury's experience in landmark projects across India includes sanitation, plumbing, fire fighting, fire detection and air-conditioning.

Under his leadership as Director of Sanitary Syndicate Pvt. Ltd, the company has undertaken projects ranging from the tallest tower of Kolkata Airport, Green Buildings, IT Parks & Buildings, Malls and Mass Housing Complexes.

Mr.Roy Choudhury is the recipient of the NAVARATNA award in plumbing, by the Indian Plumbing Association.

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Prasenjit (Interviewer)- Hello everyone, my name is Prasenjit Misra and I welcome you all to Beyond Plumbing Talk series hosted by FlowGuard Plus.
Today we have Mr. Sandeep Kumar Roy Chaudhary (Director of Sanitary Syndicate Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata. Let me first take the opportunity to introduce him.
Mr. Roy Chaudhary is a Science Graduate of 1986 from Kolkata University. He then pursued his career in Commercial Area, and he is a fellow Cost Accountant and did his Master's in Business Administration with specialization in finance from Jadavpur University in the year 1990. He has vast experience in the plumbing industry for over one and a half decades and is currently the director of Indian Plumbing Skill Council (IPSC) and ex-chairman of Indian Plumbing Association. He is also a member of National Executive Committee of Indian Plumbing Association and zonal chair of ASHRAE.
Mr. Roy Chaudhary is the recipient of prestigious Navaratna Award in plumbing given by Indian Plumbing Association and got felicitated by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India in 1980 for promotion of responsible and sustainable businesses across all spheres of economic activities in India and beyond.
The topic for today's discussion is what Plumbing looks like in Smart Cities of the future. Hello sir how are you doing?

Sandeep (Guest)- Fine. Appreciate it, Prasenjit.

Prasenjit- Thank you, sir, so to start with, may I request you to tell us a bit about yourself? 

Sandeep- Prasenjit, you have touched almost all aspect of my career. I joined my family business in plumbing, and I grew up in a plumbing business environment. You know, plumbing has now become more of a passion than a business. this is what I can tell you about myself.

Prasenjit- Thank you, sir. Can you share your views about this beyond plumbing series?

Sandeep- I feel it is a great initiative taken by FlowGuard Plus, where we can have a platform to share our thoughts and views with you all. I believe these webinar series of yours, 'Beyond Plumbing' will definitely help the plumbing community to know more about the plumbing nitty-gritty. You know, plumbing as you know is still a neglected aspect in India and I welcome this initiative which will definitely support good plumbing practices. With this initiative we can get an opportunity to share our knowledge and scope to learn more from each other. 

Prasenjit- Thank you sir. Thanks for the insights. Before we start on our topic, I would like to shed some light on our brand. For those who don’t know, FlowGuard Plus is the pioneer in CPVC technology and we are the world's number one CPVC plumbing system. In Indian markets FlowGuard Plus supplies CPVC compound to its partners which are Prince Pipes and Fittings and Ashirvad Pipes products. And they manufacture the finished products CPVC pipes and fittings which are co-branded with their brand name along with FlowGuard Plus. So now, coming back to today's theme today, the topic as I told earlier, is "What plumbing look like in smart cities of the future", so Mr. Roy Chaudhary can you help the audience to understand what smart cities are and how smart cities and homes are need of the hour.

Sandeep- Prasenjit as you know that smart cities or smart homes or offices, as you know, focus more on conservation of water, low air conditioning, low power load, and maximization of the natural resource utilization like natural lights. The pandemic has drastically modified attitudes towards many aspects of life and staying homebound during the pandemic has increased the demand for the concept of smart homes, which ultimately gives a make a smart city. With hybrid working models becoming the new norm technology integration is essential to maintain the smooth balance between work and personal commitment. Our on-ground experience suggests, customers are increasingly keen on adopting new technologies to make their homes safer, secure, and comfortable. Smart homes which aim to maximize the use of natural resources, offer superior living experiences than maximize comfort. As far as plumbing is concerned, I should say that smart homes should aim to minimize the wastage of water by using low flow fixtures and reusing the wastewater for flushing, gardening and car washing purposes. As responsible citizens we all must aim to maximize the use of natural resources, as far as power and water are concerned mainly.

Prasenjit- Thank you, sir; thanks a lot for the great insights you have given. I move on to ask you the next question; what role does plumbing play in smart cities?

Sandeep- Plumbing, as you know, is directly related to health with them with good plumbing design we can reduce the chances of water-borne diseases. Study has shown that a lot of epidemics have happened due to bad plumbing practices. Irrespective of smart homes, water quality and safety should be the prime importance in all projects. As you know WHO estimates that 88% of diarrhea diseases are attributed to unsafe drinking water supply and inadequate sanitation and hygiene. 

Prasenjit- Thanks for your variable insight. Sir, I would now like to ask you, what are your recommendations for good plumbing for healthier living.

Sandeep- Good plumbing is a blend of planned and sustainable design and choosing the right material for proper execution. We must also keep in mind, what technology suits the Indian perspective. For example, in India we use the chlorination process for mass water purification. Keeping that in mind, we should select plumbing pipes and fittings which are not susceptible to chlorinated water conditions.

Prasenjit- Moving ahead, Mr. Roy Chaudhary, what are your views on the various piping material and some advice you would like to give to the listeners? 

Sandeep- See which choice of piping material matters the most. As you know that now a lot of variety of piping materials are now available in the market. Some piping materials that are not as smooth, and support more bacterial growth, have higher biofilm formation compared to CPVC. A properly installed plumbing system should last for generations. You know, a lot of water goes waste in leakages from taps and pipelines, if plumbing is not done right. And as such plumbers need to be properly educated. Certified plumbers should be used. In this context I like to mention that it is an initiative of government of India through water management and plumbing skill council is imparting training and subsequently certifying the plumbers as per their levels to provide certified plumbers for the plumbing ecosystem. Modern plumbing products help regions affected by drops and water shortages to use water more efficiently. We have a dependency on clear water that cannot be overstated. And accordingly, to choose plumbing material we must know the quality of water which we are getting in the system.

Prasenjit- Thank you sir. My last question, may I request you to share three key points which people should remember when it comes to plumbing?

Sandeep- Prasenjit Plumbing system consists of three parts. An adequate portable water supply system, a safe and adequate drainage system, an ample of use of water efficient fixtures. And equipment apart from the use of certified skilled plumbers to install plumbing system at home can help in elimination of the installation lacuna, which can be a concern later as far as the health is concerned. By incorporating smart plumbing for both home and commercial spaces, a responsible citizen of India has the opportunity to not only impact the environmental footprint but save money in the long term by reducing the wastage of power and water. Smart plumbing is making its way into homes and cities. The reality of now that cities and homes are fully on automation, which is not in the future, but it is now. Which we have to adopt, thank you.

Prasenjit- Thank you sir. Thank you for all the valuable input you shared with us today. And to conclude I just want to highlight the main points that you shared.

  1. Plumbing is directly proportional to health and improper plumbing installation, which I recollect has been told by you improper plumbing installation and negligence can impact our health a lot. 
  2. Selection of bright plumbing technology as per Indian perspective is very important.
  3. Incorporation of smart plumbing practices is the need of the hour. 
  4. Finally, we require skilled plumbers for proper plumbing installations.

Thank you all for being with us today, we request you to stay tuned to our page as there are many more exciting talk series coming on our page. Do like and follow us on the Instagram and Facebook. And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you.

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