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Some two-thirds of construction investments in India are organized directly by the government. When designing buildings with an emphasis on safe water, dependable life, and easy installation, FlowGuard® Plus Pipe and Fittings is the best choice.

CPVC as an item has BIS Certification (IS 15778) required for government projects and is turned to by governing bodies looking for the highest-quality, certified materials that provide long-lasting installations at the best value.

An investment in FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipes is cost-effective when considering both installation and service life. Government projects can more easily meet deadlines and stay on track with FlowGuard Plus CPVC plumbing pipes because it:

  • Installs easily without extensive training or complicated equipment.
  • Does not require electricity or heat to install.
  • Limits occupant disruptions if buildings are occupied.
  • Allows for easy installation in confined areas that require other piping materials to be prefabricated.

Some FlowGuard CPVC plumbing systems have been in use for 60 years. This dependability is inherent to CPVC because it is:

  • Resistant to corrosion, leaching, and bacterial growth, and is certified for use with potable drinking water by NSF International, ASTM, Kiwa several international agencies.
  • Pressure rated up to above 93°C and can handle the high demands multi-story buildings require.
  • Joined using solvent cement, which fuses the pipe and fittings together at the molecular level, creating strong, durable joints.


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Contact us for free hot and cold plumbing pipes and house piping consultation. With successful installations across the world, we have localized support that will work with you to provide the best plumbing solution.

In case you want to understand why CPVC is better than UPVC for plumbing systems, check out our blog which captures the difference between CPVC vs UPVCin detail.

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