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Where to Buy CPVC Pipe in India by FlowGuard® Plus

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FlowGuard® Plus Pipes and Fittings pioneered CPVC 60 years ago and has since established itself as the most reliable hot and cold water plumbing system for residential and commercial buildings in the world.

With a history of successful, long-lasting installations, FlowGuard® Plus CPVC continues to be the ideal choice for plumbing applications. Homeowners, building owners, traders, and plumbers request FlowGuard® Plus CPVC because it is:

  • One of the safest piping materials on the market.
  • Durable and provides long-term, problem-free plumbing.
  • Fire-resistant, limiting fire, and smoke spread.
  • Resistant to chlorine, which is known to corrode other piping materials (e.g. PPR and metals).
  • Easy to install, even in confined spaces without heat or electricity.

From its straightforward installation through the life of the system, users experience problem-free reliability with FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipes and CPVC fittings.


FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Pricing and Availability

CPVC Pipe price cannot be the only factor to consider when deciding which plumbing system to install. Compared to other piping materials, FlowGuard Plus CPVC piping systems are a more cost-effective plumbing solution for most residential and commercial buildings. It delivers great value when considering its ease of installation, long-term durability, and resistance to water disinfectants (e.g. chlorine and chlorine dioxide).

All of our plumbing products, including pipe, fittings, and valves, are readily available through our local authorized licensees


Where to Buy FlowGuard Plus CPVC

FlowGuard® Plus Pipe and Fittings engineers and manufactures its CPVC compound, which our authorized licensees then convert into pipes, fittings, and valves.

To ensure each product meets our high-quality standards, partner CPVC pipe manufacturers are selected based on their proven track record and reliability. They are also required to satisfy our Quality Assurance Program, which requires regular checks for product sizing, performance, and consistency.

If you want to know more about FlowGuard® Plus CPVC or want to find a local authorized licensee, our team of support specialists is available.

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