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Lubrizol CPVC Piping Systems and Materials

The world leader in CPVC resins and compounds with proven performance - since 1959.

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In 1960, CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) was developed as a tough, reliable plumbing material. Today, millions of homes and businesses around the world trust our products to deliver clean, safe drinking water.

About CPVC

Chlorinated Polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is a specially engineered thermoplastic polymer widely used for the transportation of potable Hot & Cold water in plumbing applications, water in fire sprinklers piping, and chemicals in industrial applications. 

CPVC is a modified version of PVC. PVC is a higher polar polymer that allows working with a wide range of additives that permit a broad range of physical property characteristics. This allows many different compositions of PVC compounds and allows a great diversity of applications from rigid PVC used in pipes to flexible PVC used in packaging etc.

As CPVC is a modified version of PVC, it has a higher level of chlorine than PVC. CPVC becomes an even higher polar polymer, and this polarity permits the use of a wide range of additives that can be incorporated into it. However, due to the higher chlorine content, the use of additives becomes very selective and hence needs more precision.

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CPVC Production Process



CPVC Resin

Chemical /

cpvc compound stabilizer


Used to protect the CPVC Resin during compounding, processing & final use.



Help in the flow of the CPVC compounds. It’s an part of the composition, especially in extrusion and injection molding processes.

Impact modifiers

Impact modifiers

Added to improve the toughness of the end product.



Aesthetic characteristics are important so pigments are used to improve the appearance and uniform look.

Processing aids

Processing aids

As CPVC is extruded or injection molded, processing aids help in maintain the melt flow.


cpvc compound

Why Lubrizol CPVC Compound?

cpvc compound provided by lubrizol is reliable

Consistent & Reliable

cpvc compound provided by lubrizol is lasts longer

Run longer

cpvc compound provided by lubrizol is efficient

High Productivity

cpvc compound provided by lubrizol is a guarantee of quality

Assured Final Products

cpvc compound provided by lubrizol has a wider processing window

Wider Processing Window

cpvc compound provided by lubrizol is eco-friendly

CPVC is an eco-friendly and sustainable choice

cpvc compound provided by lubrizol is available globally

60 years of Proven Performance

cpvc compound provided by lubrizol is third party certified

Third Party certified Compounds

Our Business Model

Lubrizol sells CPVC compounds to its licensed manufacturers around the globe. Besides the Raw material, Lubrizol provides comprehensive guidance and support in plant set-up, manufacturing, quality control and assurance, product awareness, demand creation, on-site training for installation.

The Pipes are co-branded with FlowGuard® Plus along with the manufacturers' names. This highlights Lubrizol’s commitment to delivering quality products to end-user.

FlowGuard® Plus mark is the property of Lubrizol Advanced Materials. Lubrizol Advanced Materials is a berkshire hathaway company.

Authorized Licensees in India

flowguard plus cpvc compound licensee Ashirvad


Since 2005, Ashirvad has been with FlowGuard® Plus. Ashirvad is one of the world’s largest CPVC manufacturer of FlowGuard® CPVC Pipes and Fittings with multiple manufacturing plants and 36,000 dealers across India. Ashirvad also serves BlazeMaster® fire protection systems, another Lubrizol brand dedicated to fire sprinkler pipes.

flowguard plus cpvc compound licensee prince cpvc pipes


In August 2020, Lubrizol announced its alliance with Prince Pipes. Prince CPVC Pipes is one of India’s largest integrated piping solutions and multi-polymer manufacturers. With a network of 1408 distributors and 6 strategically located state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, they have the ability to cater to the most remote locations in the country.

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