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The Pioneer in CPVC Pipes, Fittings & Solvent in India

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The Pioneer in CPVC Technology

In 1959, the Lubrizol Corporation pioneered chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) for use in plumbing systems. The first installation dates back to 1960 and still in service, assuring on the reliability of the FlowGuard® CPVC systems.

Today, millions of homes and businesses around the world trust our products to deliver clean, safe drinking water. In addition, the quick, easy installation and long-term durability of our CPVC fittings make it the preferred choice of plumbers and installers. We offer the most well-established plumbing technology in the South Asian market with end to end market support.

About Us

Why FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Pipes, Fittings and Solvent cement?

FlowGuard® Plus offers a comprehensive solution to Plumbing. FlowGuard® Plus CPVC fittings and Pipes are made from a specialty plastic known chemically as chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), which offers increased product toughness year-round and simplified installation using readily available, inexpensive tools.

Lubrizol, our parent brand, produces and sells CPVC compounds to licensed manufacturers of FlowGuard® Plus CPVC pipes & fittings. Our quality assurance program, collaboration, awareness programs, technical support ensures FlowGuard® CPVC standards and exceeds expectations confirming to regional standards.

FlowGuard® Plus CPVC pipes & fittings utilize solvent cemented joints, proven with more than 50 years of successful CPVC service history, and are available from ½” to 12” (dependent on manufacturer) and produced according to a wide range of international standards including ASTM F439 (schedule 80 fittings), ASTM F441 (schedule 40 and 80 pipe), ASTM D2846 (copper tube size pipe and fittings), BIS 15778 and EN ISO 15877.

Why Choose FlowGuard® Plus CPVC

  • Silent operation
  • Uncompromised water quality (no piping corrosion or contamination)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Ease of Installation
  • Hot and cold water compatibility

CPVC Details

  • Reliable
  • Ability to stand up to high temperature
  • Ability to withstand high Pressure
  • Biofilm protection
  • Chlorine resistance

FlowGuard® Plus Solvent Cements

FlowGuard® Plus hot and cold plumbing system is the most reliable system available in the market, thanks to its cold welding system using solvent cement. This ensures homogenous jointing of the pipe and fitting together for a leak-proof system. FlowGuard® Plus solvent cement ensures a leakage-free system when used as per guidelines established in manufacturers installation instructions that help save time, energy, and labor.

Benefits and Features of FlowGuard® Plus CPVC

lubrizol cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents are available across the globe

Raw material has a successful track record of over 60 years – across the globe

lubrizol cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents are available in india since 1999

Raw material has been used in the highest number of projects in India over the last 20 years

lubrizol cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents are nsf certified

TempRite® CPVC Raw material is NSF certified

cpvc fittings representation

Widest range of pipes and fittings from 1⁄2” to 6” and assemblies

lubrizol cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents are tested

Consistent lab testing in Europe, USA and India

lubrizol cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents are proven for india

Tested and proven for over 20 years in Indian conditions

lubrizol provide support for all queries regarding cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents

Nationwide trained marketing and support team

cpvc fitting, pipes and solvents are quality assurance

Warranty against manufacturing defects if any found by our Authorized licensees

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Technical Specifications for FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Pipes and Fittings

FlowGuard® Plus offers an industry leading wide range of pipes and fittings. These systems offer unparalleled installation options with high quality finish, superior dimensional accuracy and stability and are suitable for all types of commercial and domestic installations.

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FlowGuard® Plus CPVC has succeeded where others have failed

flowguard plus cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents are better than others in every aspect
flowguard plus cpvc comparison with others

Where can we install FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Pipes and Fittings


Easy installation and long-term durability make FlowGuard® CPVC the best piping material for retrofit projects.


Trusted and relied on by the real estate industry and builders of multi-tenant buildings thanks to its superior water quality and problem-free performance.

Commercial Buildings

Requested by office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and other businesses seeking cost-effective installation and long-lasting reliability.

Government Buildings

Turned to by governing bodies looking for the highest-quality, certified materials that provide long lasting installations at the best value.

Get FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Pipes and Fittings

FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Pipes and Fittings are manufactured using Lubrizol CPVC compound by our authorized licensees and offered at the best CPVC pipe cost in the market

To ensure reliability and consistency across Our CPVC Pipe manufacturers, they are selected according to their proven track record and reliability. Each must adhere to our Quality Assurance Program, which requires regular checks for product sizing, performance, and consistency.

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flowguard plus cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents are available across the globe

What is CPVC?

CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is a strong, durable material that has been successfully used in plumbing applications around the world for more than 50 years.

Originally developed by Lubrizol Advanced Materials, CPVC’s inherent chemical resistance, reliability and ability to stand up to high heat and pressure make it an ideal material for residential, commercial and even industrial piping and fire sprinkler systems.

flowguard plus cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents provideclean water

Safe, Clean Water Quality

no impact of external chlorine on flowguard plus cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents

No impact due to external chlorine in water

flowguard plus cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents provide are biofilm resistant

Biofilm Resistance

flowguard plus cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents are fire proof

Fire resistant due to high LOI of 60

flowguard plus cpvc fittings, pipes and solvents are extremely durable and reliable

Durable Material, Quality Assured

What are CPVC fittings?

FlowGuard® Plus CPVC pipes and fittings are manufactured from compound material approved by all major international public health agencies for safe use in potable house piping systems. FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Piping systems are manufactured in sizes from 1⁄2” to 6”.

class of cpvc pipes
class of cpvc fittings

CPVC Pipes and Fittings by FlowGuard® Plus

If you are new to FlowGuard® Plus CPVC, or new to CPVC in general, our team of product and engineering specialists is available to answer your questions. We will work with you to provide the localized support and information needed to improve your plumbing system.

In case you want to understand why CPVC is better than UPVC for plumbing systems, check out our blog which captures the difference between CPVC vs UPVC in detail.

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