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FlowGuard® Plus Pipe and Fittings Blog

Product information, material comparisons, installation best practices, design considerations, safety information and more from the pioneer in CPVC plumbing technology.

Piping Market

The Evolution of the Plastic Pipe in the Building Industry

Water is the source of life, whether being used for agriculture to grow crops or for human consumption. This means water needs to be transported for use. The history of water conveyance can be traced back from 5000 BC to 1000 BC when materials like clay, brick, and stone were used by the Indus Civilization Mohenjo-Daro & Harappa. As civilizations...

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Piping Market

CPVC Plumbing Ecosystem in India - Consultants views

Plumbing has been brought to the forefront as a significant element of the building ecosystem due to water scarcity and the enhanced awareness of water conservation. Plumbing systems, methods and solutions have evolved over time, like the other components of the construction industry in India. The legal use of water sources is a by-product of...

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