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4 Easy Tips to Ensure Clean Water Supply for a Healthy Life

4 Easy Tips to Ensure Clean Water Supply for a Healthy Life

COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot of lessons on personal hygiene and cleanliness. Here are a few tips for Healthy 2021.

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CPVC Plumbing System for Clean Water SupplyHuman body is made of 60% of water. Water in our body imparts many important functions in like regulating temperature, acting as a medium for metabolic & biochemical reactions, helps circulation of blood, absorption of nutrients in food , transportation of   chemicals to & from the cells and removal of waste materials . We need to ensure our body is hydrated as hydration is also good for our physical and mental health, providing us with energy to live better.

STAY HYDRATED by consuming minimum 1-2 litres of clean water, daily.


Potable Water, cleaned and disinfected is supplied to our homes by the corporations of our city however ,does our plumbing system make a difference and if it does, what can we do about it ?

Follow these Steps:

STEP 1: Fill in a glass of water.

STEP 2: Have a close look .

Check for below :

A: If you observe, cloudiness in your glass this could be a sign of pathogens or chemicals.

B: A ‘slimy’ sensation on the hands - this often indicates higher than normal levels of calcium.

C: Floating particles : impurity in water.

D: A bleach-like odour - could mean high levels of chlorine.

E: Metallic or salty taste - often indicates a low pH level.

Generally the municipal corporation supply clean potable water. However your piping system could be effecting the quality as everything water touches has an effect .

If you see the above consistently, it is time to inform your Corporation & get a water test to assure that the water quality is potable. Further, you also need to call in an plumbing expert as some of these issues could also be related to your piping systems and your piping systems may need a change.



types of pipes

Check the type of Plumbing pipe used in your home , if you are still using GI Pipe , PPR Pipe it is time to make the switch to FlowGuard Plus CPVC .

FlowGuard Plus CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) is a chlorinated polymer which is inert material to water and resistant to corrosion & scale build up, commonly found in plumbing pipes.

Pipe smoothness is a big factor in FlowGuard CVPC’s performance. The pipe’s internal surface smoothness is unsuitable for biofilm formation, minimizing risk of legionella, e-coli, pseudomonas and other pathogens and bacteria.

GI pipes are prone to corrosion and allow scale build up leading to contamination of water whereas in PPR during the installation with heat welding process, an internal bead is created, an uneven is created at the joints where biofilm can easily attach and develop. The inner surface of PPR pipework is also susceptible to chlorine based corrosion over time, creating gauges where biofilm can continue to adhere and grow.

FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Ensures Water Quality

Various international, third-party organizations who are focused on public health and safety have tested FlowGuard® Plus CPVC piping.

According to these tests, and our material’s approvals, it has been confirmed that FlowGuard® Plus CPVC is one of the safest piping materials available.

These organizations issue certifications and approvals by running the piping material through standardized tests. FlowGuard® FlowGuard® Plus CPVC has earned approvals for potable water applications by various major international agencies like:

  • NSF International
  • Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS) (UK)
  • Kiwa (UK)
  • Central Food Technology Research Institute (CFTRI) (India)


Checking Leaky Pipes for Water Pressure Loss

While one leaky pipe may merely be a minor plumbing problem, several leaking pipes throughout your home is a sign you need new pipes . Call in a plumber immediately or connect with FlowGuard Experts on 18001021520 (Toll Free)

FlowGuard® Plus CPVC is engineered for the cleanest water supply possible, for as long as possible, in homes, schools and hospitals.

To find out more, watch our video, Water Safety at Home.

Connect with us on our social channels to stay updated on everything about plumbing and water .


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Binay Agrawal

Binay Agrawal

Binay Agrawal, a highly experienced and accomplished professional, currently holds the position of Business Head of the TempRite South Asia division at Lubrizol India.