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How to Make Installing CPVC Pipes More Profitable

How to Make Installing CPVC Pipes More Profitable

Installing CPVC pipes can be a profitable process for contractors.

In this blog, we will discuss making the most of using FlowGuard Plus CPVC, including planning projects, delivering installations on time and on budget and most importantly, keeping your clients happy.


FlowGuard Plus CPVC is a strong, long lasting plumbing pipe, engineered from Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride. It is approved for installation in Indian properties both large and small.

CPVC pipe and fittings come together using solvent cement; a very straightforward process that fuses parts together molecularly, creating strong, permanent bonds and a streamlined, efficient hot and cold water distribution system.

Why should I use CPVC pipes and fittings over other materials?

FlowGuard Plus CPVC's innovative installation process, along with its excellent resistance to corrosion, contamination and fire has helped deliver efficient and profitable installation projects in commercial and residential properties across India. Here are just some reasons why:

  • CPVC provide long-term water safety benefits to customers
  • Installer are rapidly cutting down on installation time
  • Businesses have increased availability to work other projects
  • The number of installers needed on each site is reduced

Managing CPVC pipe installation

The key to FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipes and fittings as a driving force for better business operations, is its installation method.

The solvent cement method of joining allows for a fast, safe installation in minutes, with simple hand tools and no need for electricity or hot works.

A strong, efficient fitting can be assembled within minutes, with minimal disruption to clients.

  • It can be installed quickly
  • It can be done with minimally trained staff
  • It can be installed without heavy electrical equipment
  • It can be installed without hazardous heat welding
  • It can be installed without removing occupants from the building

How do CPVC pipes demonstrate value to the client?

FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipes and fittings, once properly installed, deliver long term benefits to customers in the long term, each one adding to your reputation in the industry;

  • Long term corrosion resistance to chlorine
  • Outstanding resistance to biofilm contamination
  • Service life proven to last decades, fault-free

Delivering these life changing benefits to clients with a product that is BIS approved and NSF certified, brings prestige to those that use it.

Where can I find CPVC pipe manufacturers?

In India, FlowGuard Plus piping systems (including pipes, fittings and CPVC solvent cement) are manufactured by our authorised licensee M/s Ashirvad Pipes Pvt Limited & Prince Pipes and fittings Limited.

This means installers have quick, local access to materials needed to complete the project efficiently:

  • Locally available material
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Reduced environmental cost

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Binay Agrawal

Binay Agrawal

Binay Agrawal, a highly experienced and accomplished professional, currently holds the position of Business Head of the TempRite South Asia division at Lubrizol India.