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Women Of Vision Summit and Awards

Over the past few decades, women with their passion, talent, dedication and enthusiasm are clearly forming the bedrock of economic growth and prosperity in India.

Even the report by McKinsey Global Institute has estimated that India could add $770 billion to its GDP by 2025, simply by giving equal opportunities to women. Lubrizol’s internal Diversity and Inclusion initiatives also support this vision.

The theme of International Women’s Day 2021 was “Choose to Challenge”. As far as Lubrizol is concerned, the core customer base belongs to the building materials and construction industry, which is currently male dominated. Globally only 1-2% of women in this industry are able to reach the leadership position.

One can observe there is very limited opportunity for women professionals in this field for decision making when it comes to plumbing, architectural design, fire fighting and so on. Women Leaders are changing the world as we see it today.

When women, the very few, take top leadership positions, they bring about a change in the very culture of an organization. The TempRite India team saw this potential opportunity to bring about a change in the norms of the industry by honoring the women who have chosen to challenge this very phenomena of the industry.

This also served as a networking opportunity for the internal team to cater to this untouched customer segment of key women influencers in the building material industry which will help Lubrizol’s core business areas in the long run. Thereby, Lubrizol India team demonstrated our core cultural values – Think External & All in.


Many days at home are likely to begin with the following routine: wake up, switch on the water, wash, go to the kitchen, turn on the tap, clean and prepare food, and then go on, prepared for the day ahead. But do we notice what’s actually there when we do simple household tasks like running the cold tap? Is your water source as clear as it appears?

Water must first travel through a network of pipes in your home’s plumbing system before reaching your shower or kitchen. This system is essential for bringing this valuable resource into your home in a timely and secure manner. High-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) are the most common materials used in the construction of water distribution systems.

These plastic plumbing pipes that have become copper substitutes are popping up in more and more homes, but does it make a difference in terms of taste? Water should be clean and neutral as it enters our house. This isn’t always the case, however.

Women Of Vision Awards 2021

The Lubrizol team joined hands with ‘Reality Plus Magazine’ which represents the esteemed media publication group in the field of building materials and constructions.

We jointly rolled out a one day virtual event activity namely ‘Women of Vision Summit and Awards 2021’ on 8th March 2021.



We had organized two exclusive panel discussions on different subjects involving key decision makers from the fields of architectural development & design, environmental sustainability & MEP. The panelist spoke on the core topic of diversity & inclusion and shared their real life experiences .

Nowadays, many companies are realizing the benefits that diversity and inclusion policies can have. This panel was especially insightful in highlighting the progress being made in an industry that was historically male dominated. The women included in the panel were from different companies and held different roles. Each was able to provide inspiration and motivation to both women and men alike for what a truly inclusive workforce could look like.


The major highlight of the show was the Women of vision awards ceremony. It was a platform created to motivate more women to take leadership roles and choose to challenge by felicitating the extraordinary contribution done by exemplary women personalities from different fields of architecture, firefighting, entrepreneurship etc