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FlowGuard® Plus
CPVC vs Other CPVC

Demonstrating the World’s No.1 CPVC plumbing system

FlowGuard® Plus
CPVC vs Other CPVC

Demonstrating the World's No.1 CPVC plumbing system

FlowGuard Plus CPVC Plumbing Systems

CPVC has established itself as a material of choice for hot and cold water plumbing systems. In fact, by 2021, more than 1 billion feet of CPVC was installed in plumbing systems globally. FlowGuard Plus CPVC is the World’s No.1 CPVC plumbing system and the leading manufacturer of CPVC compound, which is the core component of CPVC pipes.

As the pioneer in CPVC technology, FlowGuard® Plus Pipes and Fittings is trusted by residential and commercial buildings around the world. We offer the most well-established CPVC piping systems in the Indian market, which continually outperforms all other piping materials in key performance areas.


Resistant to chlorine,
biofilm and fire


Water Quality


Efficient and
cost-effective to install

FlowGuard Plus CPVC vs Other CPVC Videos

To demonstrate FlowGuard Plus CPVC’s superior performance, we conducted a series of tests against other CPVC pipes and fittings. Watch the results below.

Sustained Pressure test

FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipes remain intact whereas the other CPVC brand pipes deform and burst. Choose FlowGuard Plus CPVC plumbing systems for a long-term life expectancy.

Burst Pressure test

FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipes withstand pressure up to 123.4 kg/㎠ whereas the other CPVC brands pipes burst at 66.7 kg/㎠. Choose FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipes for superior performance.

Heat Reversion test

FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipe sustains the heat reversion, whereas the Other CPVC pipe length changes beyond 5% helping to claim that the longevity and durability of FlowGuard Plus CPVC is better than Generic CPVC.

Impact Test

An impact test is one of the characteristics that predict whether your pipes will be stored, handled, and installed without breaking. FlowGuard Plus CPVC pipe will not break because of its superior performance whereas other CPVC pipes do break.


Since 2005, Ashirvad has been with FlowGuard Plus. Ashirvad is one of the worlds largest CPVC manufacturer of FlowGuard CPVC Pipes and Fittings with multiple manufacturing plants and 36,000 dealers across India. Ashirvad also serves BlazeMaster fire protection systems, another Lubrizol brand dedicated to firs sprinkler pipes.


In August 202, Lubrizol announced its alliance with Prince Pipes. Prince CPVC Pipes is one of India's largest integrated piping solutions and multi-polymer manufacturers. With a network of 1408 distributors and 6 strategically located state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, they have the ability to cater to the most remote locations in the country.

Learn more about FlowGuard Plus CPVC Plumbing Systems

In 1959, the Lubrizol Corporation pioneered chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) for use in plumbing systems. The first installation dates back to 1960 and is still in service, assuring the reliability of the FlowGuard CPVC systems.

FlowGuard Plus offers a comprehensive solution to plumbing. We offer increased product toughness year-round and simplified installation using readily available, inexpensive tools.

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