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Choosing the Right CPVC Piping for Your Business

Choosing the Right CPVC Piping for Your Business

If you are in the construction or plumbing business, then you know that choosing the right piping for your projects is essential.

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to decide which type of piping is best for your needs. Let's explore how choosing the right CPVC piping can have a positive impact on your business, as well as its end users.

How do CPVC pipes increase efficiency?

FlowGuard Plus CPVC's revolutionary cut, solvent weld and assembly method of CPVC installation not only reduces safety risks for your clients but also increases efficiency on site.

Specifying CPVC allows for a number of operational advantages that increase productivity and maintain a safer, more time efficient workplace. There is no longer any requirement for heavy machinery, electrical tools or welding equipment to deliver a strong, reliable plumbing system.

How are CPVC pipes better value for money?

FlowGuard Plus CPVC is a simple, quick solvent cementing process. Proper installation of pipe and fittings can be executed using reduced team numbers, saving time on your project, as you prepare for the next.

Both the reduced upfront cost on equipment, plus the reduced labour cost allows for significant long term earning potential, increasing your business' capacity to take on more projects.

How does CPVC enable me to increase business?

Some of the first FlowGuard CPVC installations from 60 years ago are still in use today. Less time spent on repairs and system replacement means more capacity to pursue new client opportunities, secure more contracts and introduce more properties to the long term reliability of FlowGuard Plus CPVC.

How can I demonstrate reliability with CPVC pipe?

It’s important to remember that not all CPVC products guarantee the same results. FlowGuard Plus CPVC is certified for use in potable water applications by NSF International; a sign of quality not all CPVC products are able to offer.

Ashirvad Pipes Pvt Limited manufacture FlowGuard Plus CPVC locally; the first CPVC company in India to receive BIS certification.

How can I support my team further?

Without delaying any of your current installation projects, you can get started on learning the process of cutting, preparing and solvent cementing FlowGuard Plus CPVC, along with proper handling and storage of pipes and fittings.

Our online training resources are free of charge, as is our dedicated team of technical support staff, to assist you in getting started and running your business efficiently with the world's largest selling CPVC pipe.

For more information, visit the contact us page to talk to a member of our team.

Binay Agrawal

Binay Agrawal

Binay Agrawal, a highly experienced and accomplished professional, currently holds the position of Business Head of the TempRite South Asia division at Lubrizol India.