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FlowGuard® Plus Pipe and Fittings Blog

Product information, material comparisons, installation best practices, design considerations, safety information and more from the pioneer in CPVC plumbing technology.

Binay Agrawal

Binay Agrawal, a highly experienced and accomplished professional, currently holds the position of Business Head of the TempRite South Asia division at Lubrizol India.

8 Things You Must Know Prior To Investing in CPVC Pipes

Earlier, homeowners did not make an effort to choose their home’s pipes and fittings personally. They often relied on their contractors to get the plumbing work done. However, homeowners today have become more aware of these little yet essential details of their homes. They handpick the best-in-class pipes and fittings to escape the nightmare of...

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The Durability of CPVC in Harsh Conditions

Choosing or upgrading materials for a piping system, tank lining, ducting, and other large applications is a significant investment. It doesn't matter whether the upgrade is for commercial or industrial use. These costs can quickly add up if the material used cannot withstand harsh conditions.

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Make the Switch from GI to FlowGuard Plus CPVC Pipes

Building an efficient plumbing system requires the right materials and tools. Individuals often get confused when it comes to choosing one between CPVC pipes and GI pipes for their plumbing systems. The basic difference relies in their making; Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride is a thermoplastic material that is produced by chlorinating the PVC...

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The Dos and Don’ts of CPVC Piping Solvent Cement Welding

You are offered several options to join the pipes and fittings of your plumbing system, especially when installing CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) piping systems. CPVC pipes employ cold fusion for the jointing system thus providing a sturdy and durable union. One of the most popular products that is often used to join CPVC pipes and fittings...

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The Different Types of CPVC Pipe Fittings

Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride, or CPVC pipe fittings are some of the most popularly used plumbing materials in residential, industrial, and other commercial plumbing systems. CPVC fittings have changed the landscape of plumbing systems thanks to their exceptional durability and their ability to transport both hot and cold water without affecting...

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FlowGuard Plus CPVC For External Potable Water Lines

FlowGuard Plus is the world’s No. 1 CPVC plumbing system and has been a source of safe, clean water for millions since 1960. CPVC pipes, in comparison to standard PVC pipes, are superior as they can withstand greater temperature and pressure and are suitable for both cold and hot water systems. One of the most popular uses of CPVC is as a...

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Choosing the Right CPVC For Your Piping System

A CPVC piping system comprises pipes and fittings made of PVC material that is treated with additional chlorine. It is an ideal choice for creating water piping systems in both residential and commercial spaces, thanks to its corrosion and chemical resistance, along with its ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures. These...

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Why FlowGuard® Plus CPVC Is the Sustainable Choice

Lubrizol Corporation, the pioneer of CPVC for use in hot and cold plumbing systems, FlowGuard® Plus CPVC compound is meticulously designed to minimise our carbon footprint as well as maximise our handprint by improving performance. At FlowGuard, we work towards responsible and efficient energy consumption, an increased product life cycle, and...

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Choosing the Right CPVC Piping for Your Business

If you are in the construction or plumbing business, then you know that choosing the right piping for your projects is essential.

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How to Make Installing CPVC Pipes More Profitable

Installing CPVC pipes can be a profitable process for contractors.

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