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Assembling a strong, leak-free plumbing system has never been easier


Assembling a strong, leak-free plumbing system has never been easier

The most effective piping solution available to the market, FlowGuard® CPVC provides an efficient, safe and uncomplicated installation of robust, durable plumbing systems. This speed and reliability allow for cost savings (during the project and for any repair or modification), improved safety and long-term joint strength.

Why FlowGuard® CPVC?

FlowGuard® Pipe and Fittings continue to lead in Africa with CPVC piping and fitting solutions for the residential and commercial building sectors that are:

  • Faster to install than other materials- FlowGuard® CPVC installation time is up to 50% faster than PPR.
  • Can be easily installed in restricted or confined areas- Our installation process requires no heavy equipment, heat or electricity. FlowGuard® CPVC is also easy to manage, cuttable with the most basic hand tools.
  • Fused at the molecular level- FlowGuard® CPVC technology uses solvent cement, creating the strongest and most reliable of joints.
  • Offer a superior tensile strength compared to other plastics, requiring fewer hangers and supports.

Discover why millions of homeowners, building owners, traders, and plumbers trust and prefer FlowGuard® CPVC.

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How to Solvent Cement Weld FlowGuard® CPVC

Solvent cement welding is a fast, safe installation method often recommended for FlowGuard® Pipe and Fittings. Solvent cement fuses pipe and fittings at a molecular level, unlike glue, creating a permanent joint that becomes the strongest part of the system.

To solvent cement weld FlowGuard® CPVC complete these basic steps:

  1. Cut the pipe with a sharp, fine toothed circular saw, miter saw, hand saw, ratchet cutter or wheel cutter.
  2. Prepare the pipe and fittings by removing all filings and scrap from the pipe end and create a slight bevel along the pipe edge with a reamer or pocket knife.
  3. Apply the solvent cement using a heavy, even coat around the outside of the pipe and a thin, even coat around the inside of the fitting (Use a primer if requested by the manufacturer, or if you don't have 2 step solvent cement).
  4. Assemble the joint by inserting the pipe into the fitting and holding in place until the joint holds.
  5. Give the joint proper time to cure and dry, following the manufacturer’s directions, which vary depending on the pipe size and environmental conditions.

Anyone can properly perform this reliable installation method with limited training, which we can help you with. Contact our team if you would like to discuss training or support options.

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Repairing or Modifying FlowGuard® CPVC

When you design a system that can stand the tests of time, the system must be able to be modified as buildings adapt and evolve to fit modern functions. Some FlowGuard® CPVC plumbing systems' are still in use since installation sixty years ago. The ease of repair or modification to our pipes and fittings makes FlowGuard® CPVC the preferred brand of choice for developments or retrofits.

FlowGuard® CPVC piping is easy to cut and relatively lightweight. The non-reliance on complicated tools or electricity for installation makes it ideal for repairs or modifications in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas such as walls or ceilings, where it is challenging to heat around a seam.


Where Can FlowGuard® CPVC Be Installed?

FlowGuard® CPVC pipe and fittings are certified safe for drinking water for use in residential and commercial buildings, by all International Standards Organisations including, NSF International, ASTM, Kiwa and The Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

You will find our systems in:

Single-family residences
Office buildings
High-rise buildings
Government facilities

Wherever delivery of clean and reliable drinking water is required, FlowGuard® CPVC is the brand of choice.

Support for Installing FlowGuard® Pipe and Fittings

Our team of CPVC experts are available to guide you through the process. We can deliver on-site training in-person, equipping your installation teams with the knowledge to safely and efficiently install FlowGuard® Pipe and Fittings.

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