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By: FlowGuard EMEA on 01-jun-2022 5:42:14
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Where Safety Matters Most - the Riyadh Hospital Project

How to deliver world class water safety to the most vulnerable in three stages

The life changing benefits of FlowGuard Pipe and Fittings will now make a difference to thousands more lives, as part of a major new hospital development in Riyadh. FlowGuard CPVC is relied upon to protect the most vulnerable in our communities because:

  • It allows for a faster installation
  • It requires no heavy equipment, heat or electricity
  • It resists microbial contamination 
  • It is fused at the molecular level 
  • It has superior corrosion resistance over industry alternatives


Let’s hear from the experts who delivered the FlowGuard CPVC installation, how this material empowered them to deliver a quality project and why it was chosen to protect those who depend on water safety more than ever.

Managing the Project

Specifying materials and getting access to them quickly and efficiency is the crucial first step to any plumbing installation project. Mistakes made at this stage have a long lasting and costly impact on everyone involved going forward. 

According to Project Sales Engineer Abdul Hameed Al Amri:

“We as CPVC suppliers want to offer our clients the best material, high quality and longer life with a competitive price. FlowGuard CPVC is made of high quality raw material which will not affect the quality of the water, so no chemical leaching or contamination will happen.” 

This means a short term efficiency benefit to the hospital, and long lasting health benefits to the patients, visitors and staff that will rely on this water supply on a daily basis.

Delivering the Project

Knowing your material means understanding the long term effect it will have on those that depend on it for years to come.

For Mechanical Supervision Engineer Mohammad Asim, it’s about proven quality and supporting credentials that go into delivering a project that protects people in the long run:

 “Regarding the water quality, we will recommend FlowGuard CPVC material. By using this material, water will not have an odor, it does not have a problem with color, or growth of biofilm inside water. It has a good certification of NSF 61 and complies with it.” 

For project engineers, using FlowGuard CPVC means protecting water supplies and delivering water quality you can see with your own eyes, all backed up and supported by globally recognised credentials.

Managing the Installation 

FlowGuard CPVC’s most unique benefit is arguably the installation process itself. 

Mechanical Site Engineer Mutasim Ahmad explains how the solvent cement process not only protects installers, but has an ongoing benefit on the performance of the pipes themselves:

“The installation of FlowGuard CPVC pipes doesn’t require power tools or electric machinery, saving time and labor costs. There’s no risk of bead formation, and this will maintain the flow rate and prevent buildup of bacteria inside the pipe.”

Installers were able to minimise disruption to hospital operations work in a safer environment and keep water clean and safe for patients and staff.

Watch the Project in Action

To see the installation project unfold and to hear more from the suppliers, engineers and installers responsible for making it happen, watch our case study video.