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FLOWGUARD® CPVC Exceeds Copper as a Reliable and Dependable Material

Backed by more than sixty years of proven reliability, FlowGuard® CPVC has clear advantages over copper. 

FLOWGUARD® CPVC Exceeds Copper as a Reliable and Dependable Material

Backed by more than sixty years of proven reliability, FlowGuard® CPVC has clear advantages over copper. 

Copper piping is no longer the primary or preferred, material of choice for most homeowners, plumbers and traders. Since the inception of our CPVC technology in 1959, installers have left behind issues like pitting, corrosion and scaling by shifting to FlowGuard® Pipe and Fittings. 

FlowGuard® CPVC surpasses traditional copper piping in distinct areas:


Low-Cost, Low-Hassle Installation

FlowGuard® Pipe and Fittings offer homeowners, plumbers and traders significant cost savings over copper, with installation costs being up to 50% less. In addition to the low and stable material and installation costs, FlowGuard® CPVC plumbing systems are favoured by international markets due to: 

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Fire Safety- Our CPVC does not support combustion or the spread of flames.
  • Long-term reliability- some of our systems are still in use since their first installation 60 years ago.
  • Strength and durability of FlowGuard® CPVC.

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Long-term Performance

Unlike copper, FlowGuard® Pipe and Fittings resist corrosion and degradation, meaning users no longer have to handle pinhole leaks that lead to costly repairs or even entire systems needing replacing.


Water Quality & Human Health

Leaching is a process where impurities from the pipe surface contaminates the water running through it.

Studies have identified copper piping as a material where leaching can often occur. Copper from the pipe interior can leach into drinking water, presenting potential health issues to those who consume the water. The United States' Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has listed copper as a registered pesticide, not permitted to exceed 1.3 parts per million (ppm) in drinking water.

FlowGuard® Pipe and Fittings are certified to NSF 61 for drinking water transport under all water conditions, irrespective of water hardness.


Homeowner Benefits

The consistent build-up of condensation can present issues to homeowners; water droplets on surfaces and damp walls offer the perfect conditions for mould to develop. Due to the metal material, for cold water conveyance copper piping is prone to condensation.

FlowGuard® Pipe and Fittings help reduce condensation, providing a more energy-efficient system.



Copper requires greater energy intensity in production and installation, from mineral extraction through to smelting and soldering. Even the recycling of copper carries significant environmental impacts.

Sustainability tools such as a Life-Cycle Inventory (LCI) assist in promoting green manufacturing and developments by measuring the sustainable qualities of a material.

An LCI conducted by Franklin Associates proved that CPVC outperforms copper in many key sustainability categories, using less energy to manufacture and emits fewer emissions in contributing to global warming.

Copper and CPVC Sustainability - CPVC VS Copper - CPVC VS Other Systems - FlowGuard


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