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The FlowGuard Podcast

Welcome to the FlowGuard podcast, featuring discussions, insights, advice and product information from FlowGuard, the pioneer in CPVC plumbing technology. 

Subscribe to The FlowGuard podcast for monthly episodes in which we discuss the latest in water safety developments, how to maintain high standards in the plumbing industry today, plus regular interviews with industry leaders about the role of pipe material in delivering water safety for all.

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The FlowGuard Podcast is available across all major podcast platforms including those listed below.

Series Highlights


Why Piping Material Matters for Water Safety - Discussing the importance of pipe material in delivering quality, safe water to homes. Interviews with leading industry experts including NSF International.

5 Questions Homeowners are Asking about FlowGuard CPVC - Prepare for your customers. Answer the important questions about why CPVC is the best choice for safety conscious homeowners.

When it Comes to Piping, Think Premium - Discussing the premium level of service FlowGuard CPVC provides contractors, installers and end users, increasing its value without increasing its price.

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