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By: FlowGuard EMEA on 15-feb-2021 1:00:00
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When it Comes to Piping, Think Premium

As a supplier of products to the trade, consider the difference you are making to a great number of people who rely on quality. 


Specifiers rely on material quality, longevity and sustainability. Installers rely on quality materials, quick installation processes and a safe working environment. Ultimately, the end user relies on systems and processes that will safely sustain their way of life for many years.


It’s time to start thinking premium. But how can you do that whilst still providing great savings to your customers?


Here’s how to give everyone a share of that premium feel and create savings at the same time, with FlowGuard® CPVC.


Premium System Design 

FlowGuard CPVC is strong, long lasting material, engineered from Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride. It is approved for installation in occupancies large and small. CPVC pipe and fittings come together using solvent cement; a very straightforward process that fuses parts together molecularly, creating strong, permanent bonds and a streamlined, efficient water distribution system.


While enjoying this premium performance, your customer will also benefit from savings on materials and labour, thanks to solvent cement installation and its requirement for very little additional tools, equipment and accessories.


Premium Working Environment

Solvent cement welding with FlowGuard CPVC is a cold installation process that takes minutes. This can be done without the need to relocate occupants. Very much unlike PPR, which presents burn and toxin related hazards in the workplace. Not only a risk to installers, but also poses a risk to any other occupants in the building during installation.


The customers ability to be closer to the project as it progresses is a free, premium feature not available with other pipe and fittings. A safer working environment in which customers can get real time updates on progress without slowing down or creating a dangerous atmosphere is a major contributing factor to FlowGuard CVPC’s premium feel.


Premium Water Quality

Most importantly, FlowGuard CPVC is responsible for the highest quality water distribution available anywhere. It achieves this because it was created that way.


FlowGuard CPVC is immune to chlorine corrosion, resistant to chemical leaching, resistant to scaling and resists biofilm formation. Water quality is not compromised by the pipe material itself, unlike PPR, which has an inner surface that is susceptible to both corrosion and bacterial buildup.


Your end user can rely on a long lasting system, providing healthier water to their property and drastically reduces the health risk to their tenants, employees and loved ones.



FlowGuard CPVC is improving the living and working conditions of everyone in the supply chain. That’s how everyone gets to experience premium, without paying a premium.


To find out more about water safety and the healthy benefits of FlowGuard CPVC, read our eBook, Clean Water At Home.


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