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By: FlowGuard on Jun 1, 2022 5:48:05 AM
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Restoring a Cultural Icon: The National Arts Theatre

Industry leading water distribution in one of Nigeria’s most iconic venues

The National Arts Theatre in Lagos is one of the region’s headline architectural triumphs. It is also a centre of great cultural significance for Nigeria, being the home of the Festival of Arts and Culture.

FlowGuard CPVC is proud to be featured among this iconic building’s rich history, with world leading water safety that is now going to help serve thousands of people, if not millions, over the next generation, in a number of ways: 

  • It can withstand high temperatures and pressures
  • It resists biofilm formation and corrosion
  • It has exceptional speed of installation
  • It does not require electrical tools or power supplies to install

Let’s discuss how the above advantages make FlowGuard CPVC worthy of major international arts venues, as well as residences, commercial and government buildings, with insights from the Arts Theatre project’s very own experts.

Where Water Safety meets Fire Safety

“FlowGuard CPVC pipe is chlorine resistant so it doesn’t corrode, it doesn’t propagate fire, it can last for a very long time so with this, it has a comparative advantage over other pipe materials.”

- Ahmed Sittu - Project Manager  -

FlowGuard CPVC is engineered with safety in mind. Protecting a venue where thousands gather at the same time is vital across all aspects of its infrastructure; plumbing is no different. 

Powered up Efficiency

I don’t need electricity or welding like I would if I was using other pipes; PVC is not as good as this.”

- Dauda Abdullah - Plumbing Supervisor -

Power outages are hugely damaging to the progress of major installation projects; unless your materials do not require power. FlowGuard CPVC keeps projects running on time, with just a few basic hand tools needed.

Choose Quality and Speed at the Same Time

“The feedback I got from the plumber regarding the FlowGuard CPVC pipe is that it is very easy to install. It saves a lot of time so installation time is reduced to the barest minimum.”

- Ahmed Sittu - Project Manager -

With its solvent cement installation process that is quick to learn and even quicker to implement, FlowGuard CPVC installers can enjoy a safer, smoother and more efficient working environment, driving down inefficiency and residual costs along with it.

No Project is Too Large

“It has certifications from so many proven authorities; RAS, NFPA, BS Standard. All of this gives a guarantee that it's the kind of pipe that can be used for large scale projects, so I don’t have any doubts in specifying FlowGuard CPVC pipe, because it is trusted.”

- Dauda Abdullah - Plumbing Supervisor -

FlowGuard CPVC is certified for use for potable water distribution in large scale construction projects and retrofits. The thermoplastic material that makes Flowguard CPVC is certified safe for drinking water by global standards agencies, including NSF International, Kiwa, Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS), ASTM International and many more.

See For Yourself

To see the National Arts Theatre installation project in action and to hear more from the project’s management team, watch our case study video.