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By: FlowGuard on Jul 11, 2022 9:06:10 AM
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How FlowGuard CPVC Powers Through the Energy Crisis

As the Nigerian energy crisis deepens both locally and internationally, the construction community looks to smarter installation solutions so that economic growth can continue to be supported in major businesses and institutions throughout Nigeria

FlowGuard CPVC is a smart solution to plumbing that requires absolutely no downtime for installers, even during the nation's many blackouts across its most prominent commercial sectors.

Here’s why FlowGuard CPVC is a trusted solution for plumbers even during an energy crisis:

  • It does not require heat welding tools
  • It requires no electricity to install
  • It can be installed in minutes

Continue reading to take a look at the benefits of FlowGuard CPVC and how installation teams across Nigeria are continuing to deliver on construction projects at prominent locations like the National Arts Theatre, even during mass electrical outages.

The National Arts Theatre

Despite the ongoing energy crisis and burgeoning fuel crisis escalated by the conflict in Ukraine, development projects across Lagos continue to be implemented. A leading example is the National Arts Theatre, one of Nigeria’s cultural and architectural landmarks.

FlowGuard CPVC was specified for the regeneration of this iconic venue because of its speedy installation, its ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures and because it does not require any electrical tools or power supplies to install. Project engineers on site were immediately aware that installation would proceed as planned, even during outages.

Marriott Ikeja Hotel

Beyond arts and culture, another example of Nigeria’s commercial development in the financial capital of Lagos, is hospitality.

The Marriot Ikeja Hotel forms part of a major luxury hotel investment in the area and as such, required installation of reliable pipe and fittings for hot and cold water on a mass scale.

The chief plumbing contractors responsible for the Marriot Ikeja installation relied heavily on FlowGuard CPVC's solvent cement installation process. It was chosen because of its ability to continue working through restricted timescales, without the threat of extended downtime due to notorious power cuts.

Eat'n'Go Store Reconstruction

Beyond Lagos, the energy crisis extends to many other regions across Nigeria, including Edo State. This was recently the location of a major reconstruction of the Eat'n'Go food and shopping duplex. Contractors specified FlowGuard CPVC after previous experience with PPR resulted in installation errors and chlorine degradation.

FlowGuard CPVC can be installed without electricity heavy machinery, therefore there is no requirement for complicated or hazardous installation processes. The result is smooth, strong, fixed joints that last. FlowGuard CPVC can be installed under any and all conditions, which means installers can get it right the first time, without disruption.

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The solvent cement process that binds FlowGuard CPVC pipes and fittings ensures that even in the most challenging logistical environments around the world, architectural development can continue and safe, reliable plumbing can be accessed by all.

To learn more about how FlowGuard CPVC delivers clean, safe water to major Nigerian institutions throughout the energy crisis and beyond, watch our case study video of the National Arts Theatre.