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By: FlowGuard EMEA on 06-jul-2020 7:59:50
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What Clean Living Means To Us


Clean water is one of the greatest contributors to a clean life. Clean living consultant Jenna Coviello of Take Good Care NYC specifies water filtration as a key method to detoxify your daily life. But what if you could ensure that your water makes it through the plumbing system to your home, in the cleanest way possible?



Let’s explore the ways a healthy, clean water distribution system in your home can make a positive impact on you and your family, and why FlowGuard CPVC is committed to this philosophy of clean living.


Nourishing the body

Up to 60% of the human body is made up of water. To go a step further, according to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the brain and heart are 73% water. We don’t just rely upon water to survive; we are water. What goes in, ultimately has a direct effect on how we function as people.


Water regulates our body temperature through sweating and respiration. It aids digestion and flushes away waste. It allows our body’s cells to reproduce and thrive every moment of the day and delivers oxygen to our entire bodies so that we can perform even the most basic of physical and mental tasks. Our dependence on water is what fuels FlowGuard CPVC as the most sought after non-metallic plumbing solution for health-conscious families.


Minimising Bacteria

FlowGuard CPVC pipe and fittings is synonymous with clean water because of its chemical and bacterial resistance. Harmful waterborne bacteria that can cause mild to fatal illnesses in humans such as Legionella, E-Coli and Pseudomonas, begin to develop and grow inside plumbing pipes as biofilm. It attaches to pipe surfaces and grows, sometimes within hours.

However, FlowGuard CPVC is known for its exceptional resistance to biofilm, thanks to its smooth, strong surfaces. Its chemical structure resists to commonly added water disinfectants and also minimises chemical leaching, releasing little to no particles from inside the pipe’s surface, leaving the water in your home as pure as it was intended.

Sanitation in the Home

As important as clean water is to the body, it’s also important to remember the threat of bacteria that already exists in the home.

A study by Charles River Laboratories investigated the multiplication of microorganisms in certain hotspots around the home. E-coli can also be found on common household objects as well as biofilm; in the home environment, it can divide and multiply as quickly as 20 minutes.

This multiplication of harmful bacteria is minimised greatly by maintaining hygienic standards in every room, particularly on surfaces where food is prepared and by washing your hands regularly, with clean, safe water. FlowGuard CPVC’s microbial resistance inside the pipe is the first line of defence at home.


Encouraging Positive Growth

The ultimate goal of FlowGuard CPVC is to make sure you are protecting your family and their future, with cleaner, safer homes. It’s sometimes easy to underestimate water’s role in this, however an analysis of studies in India have shown that access to a healthy water supply along with good hygiene practises has a significant effect on stunting in early childhood.

FlowGuard pipe and fittings encourages positive practises in home plumbing, with a stronger, more resistant material that can deliver healthy clean water to your home, for many years of clean living to come. Read the full story here, in our eBook 'Clean Water at Home'.