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By: FlowGuard EMEA on 04-jun-2019 6:00:00
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How CPVC Better Resists Biofilm Formation than Other Piping Materials [Infographic]

Assessing resistance to biofilm growth in plumbing pipe is one of the most important specification considerations an engineer can make. That resistance is essential to keeping potable water safe and free of bacterial contaminants that can lead to serious health problems.

View the infographic for background on the relationship of biofilm growth to the piping material itself, including: 

  • What biofilm is
  • Why biofilm resistance is important in a piping material
  • How CPVC inherently resists biofilm formation
  • CPVC’s superior performance in resisting biofilm formation compared to alternatives

Biofilm Formation Infographic

Download this infographic (PDF)


Learn More About FlowGuard® CPVC

FlowGuard CPVC is a top performer in resisting biofilm formation. We’re happy to discuss the details and even more performance attributes in depth as you consider your next plumbing project, so contact our team of piping system consultants today.