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By: FlowGuard EMEA on 21-sep-2020 1:00:00
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Five Steps to Happier CPVC Installers

To position your business for success, you must position your customers with the best opportunities. Discuss FlowGuard® CPVC Pipes and Fittings with your community of Installers, if you want to achieve the following:

  • Put globally recognised standards and practises in their hands
  • Provide long-term health benefits to their customers
  • Rapidly cut down their installation time
  • Increase their availability to work across projects
  • Drastically reduce number of Installers needed on site


Each step increases customer satisfaction and loyalty to your trade. Here’s how FlowGuard CPVC achieves this.


FlowGuard CPVC is trusted around the world.

Since 1960, billions of metres of FlowGuard CPVC have been used by installers. Many of the earliest installations are still in service, 60 years later. The innovative installation process, along with its excellent resistance to chlorine, biofilm and fire has served commercial and residential properties well. 


It meets performance requirements established by international regulators for material and water quality, such as ASTM International, NSF International, the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and many more. 


FlowGuard CPVC puts trusted Installation practises into your customers’ hands, with a global reputation for quality. 


FlowGuard CPVC is designed for long-term benefits to customers.

According to the Kiwa Assessment, CPVC consistently outperforms alternatives, including PPR and copper, when it comes to resisting biofilm. FlowGuard CPVC is therefore proven to reduce the risk of bacterial growth and water quality impairment.


For your customers, this means a quality installation that is built for life, building trust in the trade and a stronger reputation for all in the community, including you.


Installing FlowGuard CPVC takes just three easy steps.

FlowGuard CPVC pipes and fittings require solvent cement joining, an innovative installation technique that forms strong, permanent joints, ideal for water distribution. 


The cut, solvent weld and assemble method of CPVC installation has been specially designed by FlowGuard to maintain structural integrity and water quality, but also to increase efficiency on site for installation teams.


This creates a number of operational advantages for your clients: a safer workspace, reduced installation times and reduced investment on specialist skilled labour. 


FlowGuard CPVC will keep time sensitive projects on track.

In commercial or domestic plumbing, and in the wider construction industry, delays and unexpected time pressures do happen. Even with the largest, most efficient team of installers, delays can be lengthened by the application of the materials themselves. 


In a side by side comparison of CPVC vs PPR installation, Installers can observe a clear time saving advantage in installing FlowGuard CPVC. The requirement of extra tools and their associated waiting times add a significant dwell time to the PPR installer’s schedule. 


FlowGuard CPVC keeps installers’ projects running on time and opens up larger teams to take on multiple tasks at the same time, increasing productivity for businesses and their suppliers.


FlowGuard CPVC connects you to a global network of support

FlowGuard CPVC is supported around the world by the industry’s biggest network of technical support experts. They can support installers, designers and suppliers with CPVC specification, system design, installation training, product and approval listings and more. 

Happier installers create trust. Trust creates loyalty, which leads to a stronger client base for your business. For more information on FlowGuard CPVC, and to advise your customers further on installing FlowGuard CPVC, download the free FlowGuard Pipe and Fittings Installation Guide.


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