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By: FlowGuard on Sep 7, 2021 9:38:54 AM
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What to Consider When Remodelling

Remodelling the home needs to work for everyone, for as long as possible. Your plumbing system has a large role to play in the health of your family for the next few decades. Here’s why rethinking your plumbing as well as your interiors makes sense:

Your water usage could be improved. Improve the quality of your water distribution system and manage your home more efficiently, saving money and energy along the way.

Create huge savings avoiding future faults. This is a chance to prevent any long term degradation that might result in damages, costing you and your family in the long run.

Protect your health. Pipe degradation can lead to a multitude of health complications, either through corrosion or microbial contamination. 

Retrofitting with FlowGuard CPVC

As trends and styles in interior design change, so too does material innovation. Over the past 55 years, FlowGuard CPVC has been the trusted solution to lightweight, safe and sustainable indoor plumbing in many family homes around the world, with a few distinct design advantages.

Cost-effective Installation. FlowGuard CPVC are lightweight and flexible, which means you can achieve your ideal interior design and seamlessly integrate a new and improved plumbing system within your home at the same time, saving you money on time and materials.

Improved water quality. Not only does FlowGuard CPVC offer improved microbial resistance: its immunity to chlorine-based corrosion keeps your pipe system smooth and running efficiently, maintaining the quality of your water and the performance of the system itself.

Reliability for life. FlowGuard CPVC has a 55-year history of fault free installations, a record which is unmatched by other non-metallic plumbing systems.

To find out more about the health-giving benefits of FlowGuard CPVC as part of your home renovation, watch our video, Clean Water at Home.