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By: FlowGuard on Aug 4, 2021 4:33:13 AM
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What Plumbing Looks Like in the Smart Homes of the Future

Today, homeowners want more control over their living space, and to that, we ask why not? When technology has integrated itself more and more into our daily lives, we now have the opportunity to track and monitor the status of our homes seamlessly. 

From the temperature in each room to the lighting at certain times of day, to the song that is playing in the background whilst cooking; our lives have become more automated, where the little things are taking care of themselves.

What about the areas that smart tech cannot reach, such as plumbing? When water quality and safety is valued more than ever before, wouldn’t it be great if our plumbing systems could do this:

  • Automatically repel bacteria from the inside
  • Optimise and maintain speed of flow
  • Navigate water to any location in the home as needed
  • Provide automatic self-defense against fire

It may sound like artificial intelligence, but there’s nothing artificial about it. FlowGuard® CPVC is really providing smart water distribution in homes around the world.

FlowGuard CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) is a unique thermoplastic, specifically engineered for plumbing installations, including single family homes. It meets all requirements for safe drinking water by major international standards organizations, such as NSF International, ASTM, KIWA and the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. 

It is a standard bearer for safe plumbing… but how does it perform against our smart system described above?

Automatic bacteria resistance - FlowGuard CPVC’s high chlorine content provides pipe smoothness that does not allow bacteria a chance to thrive, compared to most alternatives like PPR.

Optimised water flow - Solvent cement installation keeps a smooth, consistent joint so the internal surface of the pipe is never compromised, keeping flow of water healthy throughout its service life.

Your design, how you want it - FlowGuard CPVC’s safe and flexible installation process allows you to get water moving to the places you want it. Plus, its superior strength and durability allows for a wider variety of pipe sizes than most alternatives, making the most of hard to reach areas.

Automatic fire resistance - FlowGuard CPVC is self-extinguishing. 

As modern homes get smarter, there’s no reason why plumbing should be left behind. As home technology improves, our goals remain the same; happy families in safe, clean homes. 

To find out more, watch this video about the importance of water safety in the home.