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By: FlowGuard on Apr 5, 2021 2:19:30 PM
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What Gives CPVC the Clean Lead in Water Safety?

It’s time to start thinking more seriously about water safety. 

Water safety does not just mean the completion of a successful plumbing project, a sturdy supply of water to a property and a happy client. It means a permanent boost to that client’s health and safety for generations.


The Covid-19 pandemic has alerted us to our collective responsibility to maintain high standards of hygiene at all times; we as representatives of the plumbing industry believe we can help property owners in achieving this.


FlowGuard® CPVC is now available, together with Flo-Tek. Here’s how this new partnership will bring a renewed focus on water safety to the region in 2021.


FlowGuard CPVC vs Copper 

Compared to copper, a commonly used plumbing resource, FlowGuard CPVC has a number of game changing safety advantages:

✔ FlowGuard CPVC is resistant to pitting and pinhole corrosion commonly found in copper, resulting in a cleaner, safer water supply to those who rely on it every day for hygiene and hydration. 

✔ FlowGuard CPVC’s internal pipe surface does not accommodate the natural growth of scaling, which is common in copper and known to inhibit its performance. Not only this, but the smooth inner surface of FlowGuard CPVC is less susceptible to microbial growth.

✔ FlowGuard CPVC’s resistance to corrosion and degradation not only saves costs on repairs and system replacement over time, but it also maintains a high standard of healthy water distribution for longer, providing a healthy water supply to customers today and in decades to come.


CPVC vs Other CPVC

Not all CPVC is the same. Here is why FlowGuard CPVC is the leading brand of CPVC and Flo-Tek’s choice for improving water safety in homes and commercial properties:

  • FlowGuard CPVC is tested to the highest possible international standards
  • Meets requirements of  key international agencies including ASTM international, KIWA, NSF International and Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)
  • 18-92% higher sustained pressure resistance at elevated temperatures
  • 33-80% higher resistance to impact fracture
  • Fittings last up to 4x longer at elevated temperatures and pressures


International Standards, Manufactured Locally, Delivered by You

Join FlowGuard Pipes and Fittings and Flo-Tek in bringing locally available CPVC plumbing to safety conscious property owners. Focus on the safety and wellbeing of your end users for the next generation; your next project could make a difference to thousands of lives.


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