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By: FlowGuard on Feb 4, 2021 2:19:42 AM
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Specifying Water Safety from the Start

When designing a water distribution system, do you know how much your decisions at the early stages have potential to affect the water itself? Specifying a material for water distribution means deciding what kind of water enters homes for generations to come. Choose a material that will deliver water as purely as it should be intended.


FlowGuard® CPVC is available, locally manufactured by Flo-Tek to international standards. Here’s how your next decision could drastically improve water quality for your customers


Resistance to Corrosion and to Bacteria

FlowGuard CPVC is specified worldwide for its resistance to corrosion, pitting and scaling; a natural occurrence in copper. FlowGuard CPVC’s surface does not accommodate the natural growth of scaling, which is known to inhibit copper pipe’s performance.


Copper particles from the pipe’s interior can leach into drinking water, posing potential health issues to those consuming it. Copper is a registered pesticide, as recognised by the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who have established an action level of 1.3mg/lt. If the copper content exceeds this level, the water supply cannot be considered potable. Over time, as the corrosion risk increases, so does the rate of leaching.


FlowGuard CPVC pipes and fittings are certified to NSF 61 for drinking water transport under all water conditions, regardless of water hardness.


Choosing FlowGuard CPVC can help you avoid corrosion, which could lead to pinhole leaks, costly repairs, system replacement or worse, harmful health risks for your end users.

A side effect of scaling is it  serves as a contributing factor to the growth of biofilm. Biofilm develops on pipe walls in wet environments and can breed bacteria such as Legionella and E Coli.


FlowGuard CPVC pipe walls are naturally smooth and resist scaling and chlorine degradation, making it difficult for biofilm to attach and multiply. 


Not all CPVC Can Do It

It’s important to know that the pipe materials you specify, deliver on what they promise. 


Only FlowGuard CPVC has been tested to the highest international standards:

  • Proven performance in over 55 years of installations
  • Fittings last up to 4x longer than other CPVC at elevated temperatures and pressures
  • Meets requirements of major international agencies:
    • ASTM International
    • NSF International
    • Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)
    • British Standards (BSi)
    • Saudi Arabian Standard Organization (SASO)



Choose materials that will provide a safe environment for customers for generations. Locally available through Flo-Tek, FlowGuard CPVC is setting the new standards for water safety in the SADC region.


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