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By: FlowGuard on Nov 8, 2021 9:58:40 AM
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Oladapo Project: How FlowGuard Set the Standard

No two plumbing installation projects are the same. When designing and fitting a plumbing system for a new or existing structure, challenges can slow down your progress, even from the most unexpected places. The structure itself, complicated finances or even the area you are operating in can have a significant impact on the completion of your next task.

For example, the day FlowGuard CPVC® was selected to be fitted at the Oladapo Project, an affluent residential apartment complex construction project on Banana Island, Ikoyi. 

Contractors Orritech were faced with a number of challenges when tasked with managing the construction of a brand new five storey luxury residential apartment and office building. The building included 14 rooms, eight kitchens and 32 toilet facilities.

When it came to installing plumbing, there were several potential setbacks. Here’s why FlowGuard CPVC was brought along to keep the installation on track.


Affluent Designs - The quality of the plumbing system itself had to live up to the standards being maintained throughout the rest of the build. 

FlowGuard CPVC is made of a uniquely strong and corrosion resistant polymer that can be extruded into a variety of sizes. This enables consistent performance under varying temperatures and pressures, even in elaborately embedded networks of piping. 


Balancing Costs - CPVC is often more expensive than PPR, another commonly specified piping material. It was imperative that the cost of building materials was managed effectively. 

FlowGuard CPVC was still chosen for its uncompromising performance and ease of installation, reducing the number of working hours required, but also reducing the risk of costly repairs in the future.


“I once had an experience of restricted water flow in another project with PPR after installation. With FlowGuard, there is no such flow restriction.” - Olayinka - Project Engineer, Orritech


Power Requirements - This area of Nigeria is heavily susceptible to power outages at all times of day or night. Any installation that relies on power tools or any kind of electrical device is automatically at risk. 

FlowGuard CPVC requires no such equipment to install; a simple, straightforward cold solvent cement process fuses joints at the molecular level with no need for power and no need to delay the process for power cuts.

When deciding on pipe material, assess the job from every angle and choose materials that will not slow you down and continue to perform exceptionally well, long after the job is complete. 


To see FlowGuard CPVC in action at the Oldapo project construction site, watch our latest video.