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By: FlowGuard on Nov 19, 2020 8:30:00 AM
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How to Choose CPVC for Instant Improvement

Just like not all plumbing materials are the same and not all tools for the job are of equal quality, not all CPVC is the same. Plastic compounds can be engineered in an infinite number of ways and the plumbing pipes that come from them can perform differently when put to the test. So how do you choose a plumbing pipe brand for your business?


Choose a CPVC material that stands up against corrosion. Choose a plumbing pipe that is as simple to use as it is strong. Finally, choose a brand that has your back throughout the installation process, so there’s nothing stopping you from constantly improving your business.


Here’s why FlowGuard® CPVC is trusted by installers who want to grow the right way. 


Improved Pipe Performance

FlowGuard CPVC is tested against performance standards relating to pressure, impact and temperature with excellent results: 

  • 18-92% higher sustained pressure resistance at elevated temperatures (up to above 93°C)
  • 33-80% higher resistance to impact fracture
  • Longer lasting fittings at elevated temperatures and pressured


FlowGuard CPVC equips your business for reliable performance in many residential, commercial and industrial environments, including multi-storey buildings. 


Improved Water Quality

FlowGuard CPVC has been engineered for the highest possible strength and resistance for a CPVC material, and these high standards are reflected in each of our pipe manufacturer’s codes and practices, in accordance with our own quality assurance program. 


As such, Installers can trust Flo-Tek in the local production of FlowGuard CPVC in Botswana, allowing local customers to benefit from the following:

  • Superior resistance to corrosion caused by chlorine and other common chemicals;
  • Superior resistance to microbial growth through biofilm, keeping drinking water safe;
  • No degradation or pinhole corrosion throughout its service life;
  • Safer environment during installation process.


FlowGuard CPVC is recognised as one of the most reliable and safe methods of water distribution in the world by meeting water quality and performance standards established by key international organizations such as:

  • ASTM International
  • NSF International
  • Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS)


FlowGuard CPVC has cemented its reputation for safe water distribution around the world. Through Flo-Tek’s operational excellence, you can solidify your reputation for trustworthy installations across Botswana, South Africa and Zambia.


Improved Reputation

There are examples of FlowGuard CPVC longevity in installations across the world, some of which were installed over 55 years ago and are still in service. 


Despite its age, it started its life with a sustainable manufacturing process that continues to this day, and is always undergoing improvement. FlowGuard CPVC has become a strong performer in key sustainability categories such as ozone depletion and global warming potential.

Improved Collaboration

The Lubrizol Corporation works with Flo-Tek and its regional collaborators to ensure Installers get the most out of FlowGuard CPVC. To improve this effort, the FBC™ System Compatible Program has been established for installers to determine the chemical compatibility of FlowGuard Pipe and Fittings with ancillary materials. The program is frequently updated and chemical compatibility training is also available.


Ensure your installations are equipped for success with FlowGuard CPVC. For ongoing support, developments and training, follow our blog.