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By: FlowGuard on Oct 15, 2021 8:03:01 AM
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Five Times We Leveled Up Water Quality In Nigeria

FlowGuard® CPVC is frequently specified by plumbing system designers across Nigeria. Only recently, new developments in the residential, commercial and cultural sectors have undergone construction and are making a positive impact on the local economy and community. Throughout these buildings is a constant, high quality supply of running water. 

Here are just some of the recent projects and places that have successfully installed FlowGuard CPVC. 


Marriott Ikeja Hotel

This five star hotel destination was developed to improve facilities for customers requiring

proximity to the Murtala Muhammed International airport. The 250 room hotel complex required a plumbing system that reflects the affluent brand effectively.

The Mariott group has experience with CPVC plumbing worldwide. FlowGuard CPVC was immediately chosen for its ability to withstand high pressure, hot water, chlorine and biofilm formation. 


Oladapo Project

This is a construction of a residential apartment complex in the most affluent area of Lagos, Nigeria. A five storey luxury residential apartment and office building, consisting of 14 rooms, eight kitchens and 32 toilet facilities required exceptional plumbing.

Contractors specified FlowGuard CPVC as its installation process maintains healthy water flow from within the pipe network, especially compared to industry alternatives such as PPR.


Eat’n’Go Store Reconstruction

This was a challenging reconstruction of a food and shopping duplex in the heart of busy Benin City. The project required a durable piping system that could perform well under many

challenging applications of hot and cold water distribution.

FlowGuard CPVC was chosen for numerous advantages over its plastic counterparts such as PPR, such as pressure capabilities, high impact strength, durability and chlorine resistance.


Mr Bash’s House

This was a new residential project, constructed in Amuwo Festac, Lagos State. The plumbing system would be required to distribute water to the local neighbourhood, as well as the residence itself. 

FlowGuard CPVC was selected as the material of choice as the material is engineered in accordance with the latest codes and standards. Installers preferred it over alternatives for its strength, resistance and ease and safety of installation.


Mulberry Mansion

Mulberry Mansion is a new build project, which involves the construction of multiple luxury residential apartments on the shoreline of Ikoyi, Lagos. 

Frequent power cuts are notorious for delaying construction projects in this area. FlowGuard CPVC was chosen as it does not require a power supply for installation, resulting in a fast, professional build without delays.


FlowGuard CPVC is transforming water distribution in Nigeria and improving living standards for those that use it. Learn more about these stories and many others, in our resources collection.