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By: FlowGuard EMEA on 24-ago-2020 1:00:00
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Your Clients want Clean Water - This is How They Get It

You are in the business of clean water. There is no longer any doubt that in today’s marketplace, safety and hygiene are a big part of our business, which should be encouraged. Understand the impact you could be having, selling the hygienic benefits of FlowGuard CPVC to the new safety conscious customer.


We now live in a society in which the general public take more responsibility to protect the air we breathe and the water we consume. The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly increased this level of awareness, and the marketplace for plumbing pipe and fittings has changed along with that. 


Here are some of the ways plumbing pipes can prevent your customers from achieving acceptable levels of water safety at home. 

  • Biofilm - the slimy, glue like substance that forms on the inner walls of PPR pipe and other materials with textured, wet environments. Biofilm allows microorganisms to develop and contaminate your customer’s water supply over time.
  • Legionella - this is one such microorganism which can thrive in warm, wet environments and transfer to the human body through mist. Harmful quantities of legionella can lead to pneumonia.
  • Pseudomonas - these can lead to lung and blood infections; pseudomonas are also water borne and can thrive among biofilm.
  • Coliform bacteria - While this bacteria naturally forms in the intestinal tract, if ingested through your local water supply it can lead to severe gastrointestinal illnesses.


Sell a Safer Solution

Not only can your customers benefit greatly from a stronger, smoother pipe like FlowGuard CPVC, your business can too. Together with the pipe smoothness that resists biofilm formation, CPVC comes with many advantages that could convert your next prospect into a customer, and a loyal one too.

  • Quality material

You customers need to be able to supply their projects with pipe and fittings that can do the job in both hot and cold water applications; FlowGuard CPVC’s internal molecular structure is developed for superior resistance to heat and chemical corrosion.  


  • Fast, safe installation

FlowGuard CPVC pipe and fittings installation process requires no heavy machinery or heat welding tools, they are bonded with solvent cement, which fuses parts together at the molecular level. Where many materials are considered weakest where joints are created, a CPVC water distribution system essentially consists of one single, solid pipe, where joints become the strongest sections.  


  • Lasting structures

Your customers' success depends on them being able to complete their projects well, with no delays, malfunctions or emergency repairs. CPVC’s core strengths, along with its powerful and flexible installation process is the reason why FlowGuard plumbing systems have lasted decades, with no faults. 


  • Sustainable production

FlowGuard CPVC is manufactured sustainably, and  offers a sustainable, environmentally conscious process for every professional along the chain.


  • Strong reputation

FlowGuard CPVC promises great performance, but it is not a new product that has yet to be tested over long periods of time, in large applications. FlowGuard CPVC has been used in successful installations for over 55 years, backed by Lubrizol’s world leading product development. 


As a trader in safer, stronger materials, you are the face of premium quality through better technology. Make the business of clean water your business, and demand better hygiene standards for your customers. 


Download the Water Safety Guide today so you can answer all of your customers’ questions.


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