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By: FlowGuard EMEA on 08-mar-2021 1:00:00
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Where Does Cleanliness Come From?

A clean life is more than just a recommendation. It is a commitment pledged by millions across the world, as a demonstration of how we choose to live our lives. Cleanliness is a key to living well, but beyond that, cleanliness to many is a cornerstone of life itself.



We have a dependence on clean water that cannot be overstated. So how do you ensure that your water supply is suited to your commitments?


Read on for an introduction to FlowGuard® CPVC, the water distribution technology that is engineered for cleanliness in the home.


Know Your Water Supply

You are undoubtedly familiar with the overall appearance, texture and smell of your water supply. On the surface, there’s likely nothing untoward about it. However, bacteria invisible to the naked eye can make a major difference to your health if any water is ingested. 


Microbial water contamination can form via biofilm; a slimy substance that grows on the internal surface of water pipes. Depending on your pipe’s material, biofilm could have a  strong chance of thriving in your home. 


If your home plumbing is made of PPR, for example, the internal surface of your pipes may have a texture that naturally allows biofilm to attach more easily, creating suitable breeding grounds for legionella, coliform bacteria or pseudomonas. PPR is also susceptible to chlorine corrosion, which can create deeper textures and gouges, advancing the development of biofilm even further.


Know the signs of potential waterborne bacteria in your supply at home. If you experience any of the following, it could be a sign of contamination: 

  • A chemical or bleach-like odour
  • A metallic or salty taste
  • Cloudy or tinted appearance
  • Slimy sensation on the hands and body after washing


FlowGuard CPVC’s pipe surface is kept smooth from its strong, chlorinated molecular structure. A smooth surface that does not texturize over time is not a suitable breeding ground for biofilm, and thus creates less potential for bacterial hazards. 


CPVC: The Clear Winner

FlowGuard CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) is engineered for maximum water purity. Its material composition and pipe and fitting installation is designed for clean living, and achieves this in a number of ways:


  • Natural resistance to chlorine-based degradation 
  • Resistant to scaling, which can host bacteria
  • Superior pipe smoothness for biofilm resistance
  • Engineered for decades of service 


FlowGuard CPVC is therefore proven to deliver the cleanest possible water to homes and businesses who rely on it many times throughout the day.


Getting Access to the Cleanest Water

Thanks to FlowGuard CPVC’s fast, safe and sustainable manufacturing and installation process, FlowGuard Pipe and Fittings is available to all, not just big commercial properties and communal public places such as schools, hospitals and places of worship.


Get access to the plumbing technology that is delivering water at its purest and delivering on our shared commitment to clean life. 


To find out more about water safety and the healthy benefits of FlowGuard CPVC, read our eBook, Clean Water At Home.


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