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By: FlowGuard EMEA on 01-jun-2020 4:25:27
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Water Safety: the key to happy homeowners

Who’s Selling Safety?

In today’s trade of making homeowners happy, the three elements to consider when doing business in plumbing systems are safety, convenience and control. Homeowners want to know your products are capable of delivering the best possible quality water in their area. 

According to research by IMARC group, the global water purifier market is expected to reach US$54.9 billion by 2024. There is a resounding demand for clean, safe drinking water worldwide.

Consider how your trading decisions might influence the water conscious families of tomorrow, today. Demonstrating the short and long term benefits of FlowGuard CPVC.



While PPR and CPVC have both demonstrated popularity, CPVC has several key qualities that make for happier homeowners. CPVC is stronger and can withstand higher levels of pressure. Its chemical resistance eliminates leaching, allowing pure water to pass through and stay pure. Bacterial growth on the inside of the pipe is also minimised due to the smoothness of the pipe’s surface. 

However, competition in the trade is high, and homeowners don’t just want the safest; they want the best. So what happens when they ask about FlowGuard?


CPVC vs FlowGuard CPVC

CPVC speaks to the customer that wants clean, safe water. FlowGuard CPVC speaks to the people who want that experience to last. The chlorine content in FlowGuard CPVC helps protect the surface of the pipe from corrosion and scaling that can releases plastic particles into the supply. This is vital to protect homeowners’ pipes from the corrosive properties of chlorine and hypochlorous acid, present in all drinking water. 

On the outside, FlowGuard CPVC has superior UV resistance. Its natural resistance to free radical degradation such as UV is particularly beneficial for outdoor applications in hot countries.

FlowGuard CPVC is working together with water treatment facilities, taking the next step in protecting your customers’ water, and those they share it with. 


Safety on a Schedule

In 2020, homeowners want more control over home improvements than ever before. The 2020 Home Services Trend Report showed that 42% of home service businesses believe scheduling is going to be one of this year’s toughest challenges.

It’s worth sharing with your customers then that FlowGuard CPVC is not only safe, it’s fast too. Solvent cement welding creates strong joints in the home plumbing system without the need for heat based tools and electricity, minimising disruption in the home and community. Despite the speed of installation, those joints form the strongest part in the chain, creating consistent strength and safety throughout, with no weak points. 


Happy Homes Today, Happy Business Tomorrow

A quick, efficient installation and cleaner, clearer water is undoubtedly a short term win for your business. But what keeps people trading FlowGuard CPVC pipe and fittings is its long term benefits. In its history, FlowGuard CPVC has been proven to last more than 55 years in some of its longest-standing structures, with no problems. 

FlowGuard CPVC pipe and fittings is the choice for homeowners who want a healthy water supply, the safe, convenient and cost-effective way. It’s also the choice for traders who want to create long term happiness for clients, today. Read the full story here, in our eBook 'Clean Water at Home'.

To find out more about this subject, listen to this episode of the FlowGuard podcast.