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By: FlowGuard EMEA on 09-nov-2020 1:00:00
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How to Get Returning Customers in Five Minutes

The key to long term success is maintaining a strong, loyal customer base. Your current clients are the key to keeping the lights on.


How does FlowGuard CPVC achieve this? It does so because we rely on the same principles ourselves; demonstrating value to our customers at every stage in the CPVC installation process, with strong, dependable materials that last a generation:

  • Strong chlorinated material that is naturally resilient
  • Immune to the corrosive effects of chlorinated water
  • The ability to outlast PPR by decades
  • Significantly reduced buildup of biofilm
  • Sustainable manufacturing, installation and performance


That’s how we do it; but how can you do it? In the next five minutes you’ll learn five steps to getting repeat business and loyal customers with FlowGuard CPVC.


Be a Voice of the Industry

You are the voice of a 60 year legacy of CPVC manufacturing. Boost your credentials by remembering ours:

  • CPVC pioneers since the 1950s
  • Fault-free plumbing installations still in place since the 1960s
  • The largest network of technical support specialists in the world
  • Meets quality assurance standards of ASTM, NSF and KIWA


Be a trusted voice of the plumbing industry in your community by supplying materials and installation methods that are sought after globally. 


Save Your Customers’ Time Instantly

While your aim is to demonstrate financial stability in the long term for your customers, you can save them time immediately. 


FlowGuard CPVC cuts down installation times by as much as 50% for installers that traditionally use PPR. The Solvent cement method of joining pipes and fittings has been perfected by FlowGuard CPVC, eliminating frustrating heat welding processes that not only add hours to the most basic jobs, but health and safety risks too. 


Less time on installation means better capacity for your customers to take on new and varied projects. Be the supplier that keeps the industry moving by saving time.


Demonstrate Value at Every Stage

Explain what the short and long term benefits of FlowGuard CPVC are:


Short Term Benefits

  • Faster, safer installation
  • No need to remove occupants
  • No need for electricity or heat welding tools
  • More secure; joints become the strongest part of the system


Long Term Benefits

  • Immunity to chlorinated water corrosion and degradation
  • Natural resistance to microbial contamination through biofilm
  • Consistent performance for decades


If you want your customers to demonstrate commitment, show them what a long term commitment to FlowGuard CPVC means to the end user. 


Give Them Something They Can Take Away For Free

Knowledge is key to demonstrating value. Offer your customer free advice on how they can reassure their customer, by educating them on the signs and risks of unhealthy water: 

  • Cloudiness - possible sign of pathogens
  • Slimy sensation after washing hands - high calcium levels
  • Chemical like odour - dangerously high levels of chlorine
  • Metallic taste - abnormal pH level


A commitment to your clients’ customers’ safety inspires trust in everyone in the supply chain.


Encourage Sustainable Working Practises

Demonstrate an investment in your customers’ future. As the world becomes increasingly conscious of the global requirement for sustainable industrial practises, entrust FlowGuard CPVC to move your business forward.

  • Less energy is used in CPVC transportation and processing than copper and PPR
  • CPVC uses significantly less fossil fuels than PPR


FlowGuard encourages safe, sustainable and cost-effective practises in water distribution system installation. Your commitment to this philosophy is key to maintaining a faithful client base that keeps coming back.


For more information on FlowGuard CPVC, and to advise your customers further on installing FlowGuard CPVC, download the free FlowGuard Pipe and Fittings Installation Guide.


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