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By: FlowGuard EMEA on 25-sep-2018 13:17:00
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How One University Overcame Unique Design Challenges with FlowGuard® Pipe and Fittings

In 2004, the first all-women university of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was announced: Riyadh University for Women. In 2008, the university was renamed to Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman, unlocking the new construction of the world’s largest, modern women’s institution of higher education. Assigned to the Saudi Ministry of Finance, Dar Al Handash to design and supervise the construction, he was immediately placed with the responsibility to understand the demands of the spaces and the roles they would have in shaping the next generation of women.


The Project Presents Unique Challenges

The designs of the university and campus services were extensive, including 8 academic colleges, 6 health sciences colleges, 2 medical research laboratories, a 600-bed hospital (built-up area of 99,733 m2), a central library, sport facilities and housing accommodations for faculty and staff. To facilitate student, staff and faculty mobility across campus, the team designed an 11.85 km dual-track elevated rail system. By working together, they built the university as an oasis of culture and education, featuring reliable plumbing and HVAC systems that will accommodate the needs of 60,000 students.

Commissioned for such a big undertaking, Dar El Handasah needed to assemble a team that would allow them to focus on all aspects of design and construction for various building types. The largest project being the Medical Center, spanning 130,000 m2 with 700 beds, its size and complexity made it a key building of focus in the campus project.

One of the team’s key decisions was selecting the appropriate piping system. In need of a reliable piping material that offered chlorine resistance and a disinfecting agent when flushing the line, the team chose FlowGuard® CPVC. Its product availability and delivery in huge quantities, as well as ease of installation, made their decision even more positive.


The Benefits of Selecting FlowGuard Pipe and Fittings

A project as extensive as this required attention down to the smallest of details. To avoid risk of pipe failure and maintain resistance to bacterial growth, FlowGuard CPVC proved to be the best choice amongst competitors. From product availability and ease of installation, to biofilm resistance and proven reliability, FlowGuard Pipe and Fittings met the project needs and eliminated the concerns needed to serve the campus for years to come.

The project was awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for its achievements. Engineer and manager, Mahmoud Al Bakri expressed great gratitude towards the FlowGuard piping system.

"We believe that FlowGuard CPVC pipes are the most convenient and ideal pipes to be installed at any projects that seeks to be reputable, succeeding and professional," said Mahmoud Al Bakri.

For more information on how you can overcome design challenges with a FlowGuard CPVC piping system, contact our team of piping system consultants.