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By: FlowGuard EMEA on 16-jul-2019 6:00:00
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FlowGuard® CPVC Impact Strength and Testing [Infographic]

A reliable and lasting plumbing system demands specific performance characteristics from its pipes and fittings. One of these, IMPACT STRENGTH, predicts whether your pipes will be stored, handled and installed without breaking. 


What is impact strength? Why is it so important for pipes and fittings? And above all, how does FlowGuard® CPVC outperform other plastics?  

View the infographic for a short course on impact strength. You’ll learn:

  • Why impact strength is important for plumbing pipes and fittings
  • How impact strength is assessed in the testing lab
  • The specific impact strength of FlowGuard CPVC compared to other plastics

Impact Strength Infographic

Download this infographic (PDF)


Learn More About FlowGuard CPVC

FlowGuard CPVC’s superior impact strength gets you started on the right footing with your plumbing project, but that’s only a fraction of the story you’ll hear if you contact our team of piping system consultants today.