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By: FlowGuard EMEA on 02-jun-2023 7:09:39
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Why CPVC Manufacturers Partner With FlowGuard® CPVC

Here's why today's leading manufacturing facilities are choosing FlowGuard® CPVC for potable water piping systems.

Are your building materials holding you back? Industrial applications such as manufacturing are only as good as their raw materials. CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) pipe has been engineered to optimise performance in hot and cold water applications at home. Here’s how and why our network of trusted partner manufacturers choose FlowGuard CPVC piping systems.


Why do manufacturers want to work with CPVC?

Partnering with Flowguard CPVC means joining a legacy of water quality that reaches around the world. FlowGuard Pipes and Fittings are recognized as one of the most durable, cost-effective and safe plumbing materials available today; here’s why. 


Healthy bacterial resistance

Bioflims, including Legionella and other harmful bacteria, can grow inside residential water pipes. Third party studies show that CPVC piping, such as FlowGuard pipes and fittings consistently demonstrate a lower risk of biofilm formation than PPR.


UV resistance

In outdoor applications, FlowGuard CPVC provides unrivalled UV resistance to support long life. The CPVC compound has been formulated with a significant concentration of both carbon black and titanium dioxide, both of which are excellent ultraviolet blocking agents and help to protect the polymer backbone from the effect of ultraviolet radiation.


Chlorine and chemical resistance

CPVC is formed through a chlorination reaction. FlowGuard CPVC's inherent chlorine resistance protects piping systems from this common additive in water supplies around the world. This inherent immunity helps FlowGuard CPVC to retain its pipe smoothness and corrosion resistance throughout its life.


Fire resistance

Manufacturers are under more pressure than ever before to design systems for safety as well as reliability.
FlowGuard CPVC is naturally self-extinguishing, a key fire safety advantage for specifiers as well as property owners.


What does carrying the brand of FlowGuard CPVC offer?

Beyond the wealth of technical, safety and quality assured benefits that CPVC offers as a plumbing material, FlowGuard CPVC as a name in itself carries international recognition and credibility. This transcends local manufacturing and cements our partners as recognized producers of world leading plumbing. 


Recognised industry leader

Manufacturers choose FlowGuard CPVC over CPVC alternatives because of its recognition for safe water distribution by leading regional and international water safety standards agencies:


Longest use case of any non-metallic pipe

FlowGuard CPVC is the only pipe and fittings system of its kind recognised as successful in potable water installations since 1960. Many of the materials that were in production at that time are still serving customers today.


What is the FlowGuard partnership?

  1. Lubrizol produces the CPVC raw material that contains all of the inherent corrosion, heat resistance and strength qualities that our pipes and fittings go on to have in their service life.
  2. Potential partner manufacturers in key locations are identified. Partners are  selected and approved to carry the FlowGuard brand based on a number of key deciding factors, including stringent quality control, a proven track record and successful completion of our Quality Assurance Program.
  3. Manufacturers receive all necessary certifications in recognition of the required standard and are permitted to produce FlowGuard CPVC piping fittings using the FlowGuard name.
  4. Lubrizol together with each partner manufacturer promotes the FlowGuard CPVC product in each local market.

Through our trusted partner network across the Middle East, FlowGuard CPVC products are ready and available for projects in your area today.

Manufacturers of FlowGuard CPVC pipe and fittings benefit from chemical resistance, reliability and exceptional performance. These benefits are then passed on to the end user, who are also able to take advantage of the health and safety benefits that FlowGuard CPVC finished products provide.

For expert delivery of FlowGuard CPVC pipes and fittings in your area, see our list of trusted manufacturers.