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Welcome to our latest online training presentation



Welcome to our latest online training presentation


In this presentation, we cover some of the fundamental hazards of poor quality water, including microbial contamination and pipe corrosion.

We also discuss how FlowGuard® CPVC pipes and fittings work to minimise the dangers of contaminated water and protect our communities with a clean, healthy water supply.

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Following this short webinar, you will have an understanding of the following:

  • How to educate your customers on the difference between clean and contaminated water
  • The strengths of CPVC in water distribution environments vs PPR
  • How to identify the best quality CPVC on the market
  • How to teach the benefits of CPVC installation to installers


Included within the webinar will be discussion of the following topics:

  • Introduction to Lubrizol FlowGuard
  • The Importance of Clean Water
  • Heat Resistance: The Impact of Hot Water
  • CPVC vs PPR: Pipe Corrosion
  • CPVC vs PPR: Biofilm Resistance
  • CPVC’s Environmental Benefits
  • Benefits of Installing FlowGuard CPVC


The speakers:


youssef 2
Youssef Naim

Market Development Manager


 Peter 2
Peter Clough

Business Director EMEA at Lubrizol


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