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How and why installers around the world are using FlowGuard® CPVC



How and why installers around the world are using FlowGuard® CPVC



Faster to install than other materials

Up to 50% faster than PPR


Easily installed in confined areas

Requires no heavy equipment, heat, or electricity


Fused at the molecular level

Creating the strongest and most reliable of joints


Superior tensile strength over other plastics

Requiring fewer hangers and supports

Watch the FlowGuard® CPVC Installer Videos

In this free video series, we explore the many benefits of installing FlowGuard CPVC for water distribution. See our trusted techniques in action and learn how a properly installed FlowGuard CPVC system results in decades of quality service life.

You will also learn best practices employed by experienced FlowGuard CPVC installers. 

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How to Account for Pipe Expansion in Plumbing Systems

FlowGuard CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) is a flexible and durable plumbing pipe, commonly used for retrofitting and in new construction, without fear of breaking, twisting or any unnecessary movement during use.

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Repairing aged FlowGuard CPVC pipe

After years of use, FlowGuard CPVC can appear discolored. This does not necessarily affect its life expectancy. However, if repairs are necessary, when handled with care, aged FlowGuard CPVC is easy to repair.

Installing in Hot Temperature

FlowGuard CPVC is used in water distribution systems in some of the hottest regions in the world. In fact, hot temperatures help speed up the solvent cement welding process, making installation a quicker task. 

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Integrating Metal Piping

FlowGuard CPVC pipes and fittings can be installed in conjunction with copper, adding a substantial improvement to existing plumbing systems, taking advantage of the superior technical and performance qualities.

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Why Plumbers use FlowGuard CPVC

Why are more and more installers choosing FlowGuard CPVC? Among many reasons explained in this video, it does not require heat welding, it allows for a flexible, more manageable working environment and it possesses greater tensile strength than PPR.

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