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how you go use arrange FLOWGUARD® CPVC

Come see as e take easy to arrange the CPVC solvent cement

See as e easy to use the solvent cement take arrange the Flowguard® pipes them

For this video, you go see am live, step by step as the CPVC solvent cement dey take work

  1. You go first cut the pipe them to how long you want make them be
  2. You go come smooth all the side wey you wan arrange put
  3. Come clean am, wipe am well well make dirty and water comot the body so e fit join wella
  4. Then you go come put the solvent cement for outside of the pipe body and inside of the fitting
  5. Come chook them two for the place wey you rub the thing
  6. Keep am down small make them two for tranga together, last last you go come test am

If you wan sabi the better way to take mount Flowguard pipe and fittings them, we get guide on how you go take do am wey you fit download.

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FlowGuard Pipe and Fittings Installation Guide

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