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FlowGuard® CPVC Comparison Burn Test

This video shows how CPVC, PVDF, PPR and PEX pipe perform during a burn test.

FlowGuard® CPVC Comparison Burn Test

A burn test is conducted to see how a pipe responds to a flame. CPVC inherently does not sustain a flame, meaning it will not burn once the applied flame is disengaged. When exposed to a flame, FlowGuard® CPVC develops a protective char that acts as a thermal barrier to reduce the rate of burning.

Comparatively, other piping materials sustain the flame, some drip, potentially spreading the fire, and others melt and fail completely.

Watch the comparison video to see how FlowGuard CPVC outperforms PVDF, PPR and PEX when exposed to a flame.  




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Debunking CPVC Myths

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