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Many professionals today have made the choice to move away from copper to alternatives like CPVC in recent years. Since 1959, installers have shifted to FlowGuard® Pipe and Fittings, leaving behind the problems of copper like pitting, scaling and corrosion.

Low-Cost, Low-Hassle Installation

FlowGuard pipes and fittings offer significant cost savings over copper. In addition to the low and stable material costs, a FlowGuard CPVC plumbing system installs quickly and easily. Plumbers can expect total installed cost savings of up to 50% or more when using FlowGuard pipes and fittings.

Long Term Performance

FlowGuard pipes and fittings resist corrosion and degradation. Choosing FlowGuard CPVC can help you avoid corrosion, which could lead to pinhole leaks, costly repairs or even total system replacement.

Water Quality and Human Health

Unlike copper, FlowGuard pipes and fittings are certified to NSF 61 for drinking water transport under all water conditions, regardless of water hardness.

Copper from the pipe interior can leach into drinking water, posing potential health issues to those drinking the water. In fact, according to the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), copper is a registered pesticide and is not permitted to exceed 1.3 parts per million (ppm) in drinking water.

Homeowner Benefits

The natural insulating properties of FlowGuard pipes and fittings help reduce condensation and provide a more energy-efficient system. For cold water conveyance, copper is prone to condensation, which can drip and cause water damage.


With the industry’s ongoing focus on environmentally friendly products, it is important to note that a life-cycle inventory (LCI) conducted by Franklin Associates proved that CPVC outperforms copper in a number of key sustainability categories. The LCI showed that CPVC uses significantly less energy to manufacture than copper, and it contributes less to global warming.

From mineral extraction, smelting and soldering, the production and installation of copper piping is extremely energy intensive. Even the recycling of copper has significant environmental impacts.

A 3rd party life-cycle inventory found that CPVC outperforms copper in key categories such as embodied energy, global warming potential, atmospheric emissions and waterborne emissions.

  FlowGuard CPVC Copper
Corrosion Resistant Yes No
Scaling Resistant Yes No
Lower Cost Yes No
Shorter Installation Time Yes No
Fire Hazard During Installation No Yes
Naturally Insulating Yes No

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Find straightforward answers to questions about: joint reliability, drinking water safety, service life and more.


Want to Learn More About Industrial CPVC?

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